jason wright


Simple, clean, quiet. I love the work {especially the boats!} of Kona, Hawaii based painter Jason Wright. He studied painting & graphic design, which is pretty obvious when looking at these gorgeous, beautifully composed oil & acrylic pieces on panel. Here are Jason’s words about his work:

“I paint what I see.  You can stand anywhere in the world, look any direction, and you will see hard vs soft. The terra with its hard geometric lines against the sky and its fluidity.”

comments (3)

  1. maggie /// 01.22.2015 /// 10:12am

    I like the simplicity but strength of these pieces. I never considered myself a nautical fan, but I am drawn to these.


  2. Nicky w. /// 01.24.2015 /// 11:18am

    Absolutely love these paintings. Thank you once again for sharing the work of these wonderful artists.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.24.2015 /// 5:03pm

    thank YOU for coming/commenting! 🙂

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