wendy kawabata


Handmade sewing needle perforations through paper. Seriously. This is the stunning work of Hawaii based artist {and Associate Professor of Art at the University of Hawaii at Monoa} Wendy Kawabata. I’m going to let her explain what this series, titled “Blind Worlds” is about:

This series looks at a range of social engagement from pacifism to activism, 

futility, rebuilding; the paths we travel, the ones we donʼt, the urge to protect, 

to defend, or withdraw; the voices heard, the ones drowned out. Wrapping 

thread, piercing paper with a needle, or staining and seaming together paper, 

reveal a process that is overt in its construction and economy, and provide 

a space for quiet, reconciliation, and attentiveness. The repetition is the insistence 

and pressure of exterior environment onto interior experience.

comments (2)

  1. diana nicholette jeon /// 01.21.2015 /// 9:44pm

    Way to go, Wendy! Happy to see a HI artist here. Cheehooo!

  2. Kelsey Lynore /// 01.23.2015 /// 7:10pm

    I love how delicate and subtle these are.

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