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Um, how do I get an invitation to this collage?! I want to pop a bottle of champagne, grab a seat, and be a fly on the wall inside this two story collage by Croatian artist Sanda Anderlon. Yes, I said “two story” collage… there’s a giant, layered, detailed party going on in the living room, and all sorts of crazy cut ‘n pasted stuff going on upstairs! This large-scale {40″x17″} fabulous piece is titled, you guessed it, “Party” – and Sanda describes it as “a drunken jungle”. I’m so in. Who’s with me!?

ps. She’s also got a similar piece titled, “At the Beach”. That’s the collage where I’ll be spending my next winter vacation.

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  1. maggie /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:55am

    I would also like an invite to this drunken jungle, please.


  2. Fer Scarlato /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:46am

    This is SO awesome! It’s so awesome I kind of hate Sanda a little bit!
    Is it really all handmade? So perfect!

  3. Rachaeldaisy /// 02.24.2015 /// 2:42pm

    Party time!!

  4. Carol Y /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:59pm

    Love ‘At the Beach’ too!!! Makes me want to attempt something like this.

  5. chelsea h-a /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:24pm

    This is absolutely genius!!! I love it!!! Reminds me of real life actually. Seems fairly normal at first quick glance then… WHAT THE!?!? Whats that guy doing in the corner? A line of can can dancers? Really? haha

  6. jennifer /// 02.28.2015 /// 10:17am

    magical…so much energy…joyful and over the top. thank you for finding and sharing.

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