christiane löhr


Gasp! Can you tell how badly I want spring to be here? These delicate, organic sculptures and striking pastel drawings/ink paintings are the work of German artist Christiane Löhr. Seeds, grasses, and tiny blossoms arranged into perfect little piles of promise – promise that winter will soon be over. Sigh… if you need me before then, my plan is to hide out in Christiane’s lovely, blossom filled, light-drenched studio:



{via Little Paper Planes / final gallery installation view found on protothema}

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  1. Jieun Park /// 03.16.2015 /// 9:30pm

    They seem so soft and so light that i’m worried about they are flying away when I wake up in the morning. Wow I want to bring all of them in my room to feel spring. Ganz gut!!!

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