fishs eddy lost & found


Sigh. I’m a sucker for weird old paintings. Imagine a place where there was a whole bunch of really good ones all in one spot?! Well…

This is a story about an iconic dish & glassware store in New York called Fishs Eddy, the vintage art that decorates that shop, and the son of the couple that owns the store who wants to start a gallery. Did you follow all of that? Basically, Fishs Eddy has been around for 30 years… they don’t actually sell art, but they do love & collect old pieces that they display all over the shop. Ben Lenovitz is the son of the two owners, and he has literally grown up there. His dream is to create Fishs Eddy Lost & Found Gallery so that he can continue to hunt for these treasures, but he also wants to make these beauties available to anyone that wants to buy them! Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. He’s going to start with a pop-up gallery inside Fishs Eddy, with plans to get a gallery space of his own in the near future. If you’re in New York, pop in there and say hello… and if you want to help Ben with his dream, he’s got a Kickstarter project you can check out here. Good luck, Ben! Hoping I can skip the garage sales and just come straight to you.

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  1. kerrie kerns /// 03.17.2015 /// 7:45am

    I too, love old, hand painted artwork. Even Paint By Number collections. Try to buy the PBN nudes on eBay and watch the prices climb-people collect these! I have walked out of garage sales or junk shops with my purchases that others are grimacing at. Telling me I have lost my mind. I take my finds home, clean them up, and hang them on my walls. It makes me happy. And they are beautiful.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2015 /// 3:50am

    i love them too… and yes, it’s like striking gold when you find a good one!

  3. Jenni /// 03.23.2015 /// 7:20am

    Do you know who the artist is on any of these paintings? I have some paintings that look an awful lot like this,from a Michigan artist. The family were selling them at a garage sale.

  4. weekly / no. 8 | Madi Lyons /// 03.23.2015 /// 8:57am

    […] short snippet on a really cool […]

  5. Madi Lyons /// 03.24.2015 /// 3:02pm

    I love the idea for this gallery! I’ve always loved combining things that don’t normally go together, and I think a ‘Lost and Found’ gallery just takes the cake on that.

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