rachel boxnboim


Fabric? Ceramic? Yep! This series, titled “Alice”, is the gorgeous work of Israeli artist Rachel Boxnboim. Here, in her own words, are Rachel’s answers to my questions:

“The starting point of this project was my decision to sew a teapot, based on my mothers old teapot measurements and use the fabric as a mold. In addition to the teapot, i sewed a complete tea set – cups, plates, sugar container and a milk jug.

During the kiln-firing process, the fabric burns away, leaving a thin cloth-like layer of clay, imprinted with the texture of the original mold.”

Ah-mazing. I would now like all of my tea, from this day forward, to be served in hand sewn ceramics. Love, love, love.

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  1. rossana taormina /// 04.14.2015 /// 7:45am


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  3. Kreetta /// 04.16.2015 /// 2:24pm

    Beautiful work!!! just love to try making with this technique.

  4. MsMarni /// 04.18.2015 /// 7:04am

    I’m drawn in by the movement and color. Lovely pieces.

  5. Françoise Brabant /// 08.16.2016 /// 8:21am

    je suis fan !