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Seven foot flowers? Um, yes please! I am completely in love with these big, beautiful, blooms {acrylic on canvas} by Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers. Nothin’ like some confident brush strokes, a few stunning color choices, and a giant canvas to transform a traditional subject into a contemporary masterpiece. Gorgeous! Oh, and if you’re in Toronto you can see her work at Bau-Xi Gallery, April 18 ~ 30.

 {I had to include a few of those shots with Bobbie in her studio, just to show the fabulous scale of these pieces. Oh boy. I think I might want to stretch a giant canvas for the first time in YEARS.}

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  1. Uncle Beefy /// 04.15.2015 /// 5:32am

    I am SWOONING over here!!! Wowza! I am SO drawn to flowers right now – smelling them, photographing them, drawing them, and, well swooning over other people’s extraordinary paintings of them!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.15.2015 /// 7:54am

    i know! i’m all about flowers these days too… and bobbie’s work actually makes me want to paint again… which is kind of a miracle.

  3. Susie /// 04.15.2015 /// 7:58am

    I have another new favorite artist!

  4. Bobbie Burgers /// 04.15.2015 /// 7:59am

    Thank you for the post! So great to see, painting large let’s happy accidents happen and non formulatic emotion be included- my exhibit opens this week in Toronto, it’s a big relief to see my babies flying the coop- whew – that was a lot of energy

  5. the jealous curator /// 04.15.2015 /// 10:36am

    well it’s all gorgeous! congratulations on the show!

  6. Carol M /// 04.15.2015 /// 12:11pm

    Please could you let me know what the first painting would cost.i would so love that in my house.

  7. the jealous curator /// 04.15.2015 /// 1:14pm

    isn’t it gorgeous, carol? i want it too! it’s currently in the show that’s about to open in toronto so you can contact the gallery if you like:

  8. Sophia Hinton /// 04.15.2015 /// 5:02pm

    Wow. I love the colours. Her flowers bloom with dynamism and grace. They pop out of the painting like a punch but they have a motherly essence to which makes them sing. I love it. Absolutely stunning work.

  9. Sarina Diakos /// 04.15.2015 /// 6:17pm


  10. laura redburn /// 04.16.2015 /// 1:11am

    so, so beautiful! that first one is especially stunning.

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  12. Bau-Xi Gallery /// 04.16.2015 /// 10:38am

    We are loving featuring Bobbie Burgers’ paintings here at Bau-Xi this month! A must-see if you are in Toronto. The exhibition can also be viewed on our website,, with all of the details listed.

  13. Kreetta /// 04.16.2015 /// 2:19pm

    Wooooooow. The first expecially! I’d love to have it on my wall.

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  16. Rachaeldaisy /// 04.18.2015 /// 1:08am

    These are so wonderfully luscious!!

  17. MsMarni /// 04.18.2015 /// 6:49am

    Bobbie your work is candy for the eyes — both up-close and away. I get all wrapped up in the swirling colors, and delicious drips!

  18. Tamara Arcilla /// 05.07.2015 /// 11:39pm

    All these pretty floral posts! I am loving these big fat blooms and seriously…those paint drips are the cherry on top for me! I just found your blog and am loving your curator’s eye. xo

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    […] Bobbie Burgers – paints amazing giant florals (I’m following her on Insta now @ bobbieburgers ) […]

  20. Tony /// 07.26.2015 /// 7:44pm

    I really like your painting. Is there anyway i can contact you?

  21. the jealous curator /// 07.26.2015 /// 10:02pm

    hi tony, if you go to bobbie’s site and click on “contact” you’ll find a few ways to get in touch with her, and her galleries :

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  23. Marianne Lotz /// 08.29.2015 /// 6:20am


  24. Holger hasselmann /// 04.26.2016 /// 1:03am

    He timo pai Te pikitia

  25. Ellen Ashworth /// 06.24.2016 /// 3:34pm

    Had the opportunity to see her work at the Lions Gate Hospital. The colours and textures are unbelievably beautiful!! What a talent!

  26. the jealous curator /// 06.25.2016 /// 7:15am

    yes! such talent – and such a lovely person too! (i love when that happens) ; )

  27. Laura /// 07.27.2016 /// 5:43am

    I hadn’t seen Bobbie’s work before and it’s incredible! Thank you for shining a spotlight on fantastic current artists!

  28. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2016 /// 7:01am

    my pleasure!

  29. Jason /// 10.12.2016 /// 2:03am

    It’s like WOW….so beautiful…colors are awesome!

  30. Yan /// 10.29.2017 /// 7:23am

    it’s amazing when i saw these flowers, which are alive, beautiful and attractive. i did not see it like this before, but i think it’s from a beautiful heart!

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