lisa waud (flower house detroit)


Oh. My. Have you seen this yet? I just stumbled across, The Flower House, a stunning project by Detroit based flower designer Lisa Waud. Here’s the deal – she bought two totally run-down, abandoned houses in Detroit for $500, and then filled the first one with thousands of flowers bringing new, colorful life into this forgotten home if only for a moment. The photos are stunning, but this video {created for her indiegogo campaign to help fill the second house this coming October, then responsibly tear these structures down, and turn the cleared land into a flower farm!} gave me goosebumps. So nostalgic, inspiring, beautiful…

Flower House Teaser from Hello Future Films on Vimeo. Photos by Heather Saunders.

{via My Modern Met}

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  1. Aneta /// 05.20.2015 /// 6:47am


  2. Nicole Miazgowicz /// 05.20.2015 /// 7:07am

    Amazing, thanks so much for sharing this. My family is from the Detroit area and the juxtaposition of these houses literally just blocks away from clean, developed, & modern areas is a strange and incredible sight to see. I love the ingenuity of the creative class there in bringing out the beauty of these areas.

  3. Alma /// 05.20.2015 /// 10:47am

    This is so beautiful, im from Mèxico and i always been fan of abandoned places, for me, this proyect is poetry!! blessings!

  4. Heather Allen /// 05.20.2015 /// 3:53pm

    Absolutely beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers.

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2015 /// 9:39am

    of course… had to share this!

  6. Matxalen /// 05.22.2015 /// 12:09am

    So nice, so moving!

  7. Marty Kolls /// 05.22.2015 /// 6:42am

    This is stunning! Thank you for doing this!

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    […] I’m kind of obsessed with Lisa Waud’s flower houses in Detroit. […]

  10. Jennifer Hicks /// 05.27.2015 /// 9:32am

    OMG Danielle–this is so perfect.
    I want this to happen in NC for our Art in Bloom event. Wonder if Lisa would advise on a project like that here. Love love love it.
    Thanks for sharing all the amazingly cool stuff AND FOR THE NEW PODCAST!!!

  11. the jealous curator /// 05.27.2015 /// 10:30am

    reach out to her and see! that would be amazing!!! … and thank you, re: the podcast : )

  12. Anne Marie Hughes /// 05.29.2015 /// 5:38pm

    Well crap… Now I am jealous that you thought of such a cool name to describe exactly how I feel about everybody elses great ideas. (damn, why didn’t I THINK OF THAT?)

  13. the jealous curator /// 05.29.2015 /// 8:24pm

    haha! sorry 😉

  14. Nora /// 06.02.2015 /// 7:24am

    I live in a suburb of the Capital City of Michigan, Lansing.
    This is one of the reasons Michigan can survive anything.
    The People here have strong hearts and strong minds.

    I sincerely thank you Jealous Curator for sharing this. I’ve have
    been watching your blog for a couple years now. This is my
    first comment. Love and peace to the world. Nora

  15. the jealous curator /// 06.02.2015 /// 8:13am

    thank you nora : )

  16. Joelle /// 06.03.2015 /// 3:57pm

    This is absolutely stunning – I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m so glad I did. There really is so much beauty in the world. Thank you for finding and sharing!

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