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Oh my word, I launched a podcast… what!? YES! Why? Well, mainly because I like poking around in other people’s lives.

Ok, so I’ve been quietly writing about artists that I love for over six years. Sometimes I email them to ask questions about their work, but I just get straight to the point… little do they know that I actually have a million questions for them, not all of which are art related! When I studied art history in school I loved learning about the work, but what totally sucked me in were the behind-the-scenes stories… a peek into the real lives of these art history icons. And so I thought, why wait for my favorite contemporary artists to end up in text books? I’m just going to pry into their lives right now! I want to know why they do what they do, how they do it, and, if they happen to have any hilarious stories for me along the way, well, I’ll happily take ’em. The episodes won’t be longer than 30 minutes because I know you’re busy. I’m going to keep things short, light, and fun… slightly different than those art history lectures some of you might remember.

I hope you love ART FOR YOUR EAR, because I think I’ve found my new obsession! You can pop over to iTunes and subscribe right this very second if you like, then you’ll be totally ready when the first episode is released this coming Saturday. Eep!

* I didn’t really get hooked into the world of podcasts until Serial came into my life… you too? In case you need a bit of technical help in this area {I certainly did}, here is an FAQ link from Apple that gives you the ins and outs of subscribing to podcasts. Oh, and if it sounds a bit echoey for the first episodes, forgive me as I slowly figure this out!

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  1. Elissa S Nesheim /// 05.20.2015 /// 1:37pm

    😀 !! YAY!

  2. Hannah B. /// 05.20.2015 /// 1:49pm

    I’m so stoked that you’ve started a podcast! I totally miss art history class, and this is gonna be so much fun.

  3. LaraHentz /// 05.20.2015 /// 1:50pm

    Bravo! I am starting a new podcast this year too! Army of One with Laramie Harlow!

  4. Vanessa /// 05.20.2015 /// 1:57pm


  5. gemma /// 05.20.2015 /// 2:08pm

    This just made my day! best idea ever! thank you so much for doing it!!

  6. Sheila /// 05.20.2015 /// 2:17pm

    Subscribed and looking forward to listening!

  7. Nicole /// 05.20.2015 /// 2:20pm

    Yes! I am super excited about this. I’ve only recently started listening to podcasts, and they’re all design related. It will be great to add an art related one, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  8. Robin /// 05.20.2015 /// 2:35pm

    Cool! Can’t wait to listen!

  9. Sandra Harris /// 05.20.2015 /// 3:02pm

    Perfect! I listen to many topnotch bookish podcasts and yours will be a welcome addition.

    All hail arty podcasts to go with standard poodle walking!

  10. Bobbie (@blogger_bp) /// 05.20.2015 /// 5:05pm

    I love it already. You sound like a natural. I always love hearing stories about great creative minds. Contemporary artists are the top of the heap!!!! Yay!!! Thanks for doing this for the community.

  11. Lizzie Hanley /// 05.20.2015 /// 6:28pm

    So excited!!!!!!! This is a BRILLIANT idea!

  12. Stephanie /// 05.21.2015 /// 2:51am

    This is wonderful. I heard you on the Being Boss podcast and I thought you were brilliant. Just posted this morning about blogs that i’m crushing on. Wish I would have known about yours but will definitely tune in. xx

  13. Jessica /// 05.21.2015 /// 5:00am

    Ohh I’m so excited about this!!

  14. Audrey /// 05.21.2015 /// 6:32am

    Just subscribed! Can’t wait!!

  15. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2015 /// 7:28am

    thanks so much everyone! i’m super excited to have all of you along for the ride (and if it’s sounds echoey for the first few, forgive me as i slowly figure this out!!!)

  16. rox /// 05.21.2015 /// 6:04pm

    subscribed! can’t wait to listen in…and congrats!

  17. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2015 /// 7:39pm

    thank you! : )

  18. Christi York /// 05.22.2015 /// 5:30pm

    So excited to listen to this! I got hooked on podcasts when I moved the the ‘burbs and now have a 35 minute drive to my studio. (it’s OK – I don’t have to do it in rush hour). Downloading all 4 episodes onto my phone right now!

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