hagar cygler


Tel-Aviv based artist Hagar Cygler started this on-going embroidery series, titled Families’, in 2008 and is still going strong. She lays layers of silhouettes from family photos {hers, friends, found} on top of each other, and then embroiders them onto canvas. I love the overlapping, but I can’t decide if it feels like 1. a special, entangled bond of closeness, or 2. a forced together, over-involved, all over each other’s lives, situation. Hm. Depends on the day, I suppose.

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  1. Cecile /// 05.21.2015 /// 10:13am

    Love the simplicity of these. I’ve tried my hand at machine sewing on paper, which offers great possibilities too!

  2. cathy /// 05.21.2015 /// 11:04am

    Check out this artist’s work: http://www.diemchau.com

  3. the jealous curator /// 05.21.2015 /// 12:16pm

    oh yes, love her. i’ve written about her two or three times actually : )

  4. Quinn /// 05.21.2015 /// 1:59pm

    My goodness, I love these. They capture family, or at least my family, perfectly in a way. Just like you said yourself. The closeness and the bond, but also everyone being all up in eachothers business. And the fact that it’s embroidery means it’s right up my alley. Thank you for sharing. X

  5. Rebecca /// 05.21.2015 /// 4:35pm

    Check this out!

  6. andrea /// 05.29.2015 /// 9:51am

    love them!!

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