gabee meyer


Painted leaves… not paintings of painted leaves… painted leaves! Sigh. So pretty. These are part of a personal series by Brazilian artist/pattern designer Gabee Meyer. Now, it’s not enough that she hand painted them with repeating stripes and triangles, but she also put them all together into one big leafy, pattern… I’d expect nothing less from a pattern designer actually! {here it is, plus a few more of my faves because I can’t not share. Also, wiener dog.}:




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  1. marianne /// 06.11.2015 /// 9:34am

    Plantabulous! ….These are creative and screamingly fun! I love them all. Trying to pick a favorite left me way too undecided, but going with the first image! Thanks Gabee beautiful work!..Danielle thanks for posting this wonderful artist! Love!

  2. Jenn /// 06.13.2015 /// 9:06am

    These are fabulous!

  3. Susy /// 06.14.2015 /// 6:55pm

    Ooh! These are so fun and gorgeous. LOVE!