seth smith


These paintings by American artist Seth Smith are like beautifully painted, circular reminders of every hot summer road trip that my family ever took. First question from the sweltering backseat… does the motel have a pool!? Fingers crossed that the answer was YES. Perhaps that’s why I love these four pieces so much… four paintings, four pools! {I’m going to assume that the “Pacific Motel” has a pool!}

Happy weekend!

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  1. Suze Ford /// 06.12.2015 /// 1:18pm

    Great choice lady!!! These pieces take me away to another place while I am living it up here in the midwest! 😀

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2015 /// 6:58pm

    yes! they are just so good, and he is ridiculously nice… my favorite combo!

  3. Maria Munoz /// 06.12.2015 /// 5:29pm

    The paintings are beautiful.
    I wish they would be reproduced on melamine plates and sold at Target so I could afford a full set.

  4. Rendell Hourigan /// 06.12.2015 /// 9:05pm

    These are amazing! I can almost smell the summer air and chlorine. They even make me think of the glasses wrapped in paper in the motel room.

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2015 /// 10:53pm

    totally… and flowered bedspreads that kind of smell like smoke and laundry detergent… ah, memories ; )

  6. Ms Marni /// 06.13.2015 /// 11:03pm


  7. Jennifer /// 06.14.2015 /// 2:59pm

    Wow. I sure do love a good tondo painting. These are great! I enjoy the slightly out of focus look of these. It reminds me of old travel photos taken with a cheapie camera. And the colors! Swoon. Thank you for introducing me to another fab painter Danielle!

  8. Jessica Wray /// 06.19.2015 /// 9:44am

    I have such strong feelings for any work that gives me such wistful nostalgia!

  9. seth smith - Alphi Creative /// 07.04.2018 /// 1:04am

    […] – from here! This is the work of American painter Seth Smith. I’ve written about him before, but these motels and their cool pools are calling to me today. Westward, […]

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