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Episode no.4 … I’m starting to get the hang of this whole podcast thing! Today I’m talking to New York based artist Trey Speegle … and yes, that’s him with First Lady Michelle Obama. That’s just how Trey rolls. Everything we talk about in this episode is shown here so that you can follow along while we’re chatting. Most of it won’t make sense unless you listen, so just click ‘play’ right up there {see, just under Trey & Michelle}, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Ok. Here we go…


Trey’s paint-by-number work.… and paintball-by-number™, of course! These pieces are the title pieces from a few of his solo exhibitions {and that’s his trusty little dog, Lamont}. Oh, and look down there… it’s Andy Warhol’s gravestone that Trey accidentally designed:


And if you want to see the grave right this very minute, Trey told me that there is an Andy Warhol grave-cam. He wasn’t kidding. And, look what else he pointed me to! The photo above was taken with Trey’s camera at a party in New York, Hallowe’en 1988… Trey is second from the left on the bottom, and Keith Haring {yes, THAT Keith Haring} is second from the right. Crazy.

And then of course, there was the whole discussion about my invite onto the boat in Miami, but we’re both a little concerned about sharks. This is the photo we were talking about:


And finally, the most gorgeous #tbt photo I’ve ever seen… Trey, in drag for Hallowe’en, on a rooftop in New York:


Ah-mazing. Such a beautiful photo {look at those legs!}. Thanks so much to Trey for always being so fun! He’s a busy man, so I was very honored that he took the time to do this with me. Thanks to Saatchi Art for sponsoring the first four episodes of ART FOR YOUR EAR, and thank YOU for listening! There will be a new episode up next Saturday.

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  1. marianne /// 06.14.2015 /// 11:55am

    Just an incredible interview! As an artist I will make a confession here. I started my love of painting (and could never babysit enough hours to save money for), paint by number. Something meditative to do while listening to my crystal radio and on summer days to be creative and keep busy. I love love this interview. You are both so comfortable with each other which made it perfect! I hope you do go on that boat ride! thank you both! A truly fab collection of art(and the drag photo!). First stop would be to see Trey’s art next time I get to NY!~Andy Warhol RIP.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.15.2015 /// 10:08am

    haha! thanks marianne … i used to do paint-by-numbers when i was a kid too! maybe that’s yet another reason that trey’s work speaks to me : )

  3. stephanie /// 06.15.2015 /// 4:32pm

    I love it!!! Again, another conversation I could listen to all day! Such great stories, and I love Trey’s art. Maybe you guys can do a podcast together when you are in Miami, because I want to hear all the details of that trip! xox!

  4. kelly /// 06.16.2015 /// 1:58pm

    Loving these interviews, and this is my favorite so far! I’ve been following Trey on instagram since reading about him in Creative Block – love all the shots of his funny dog. I amassed a huge collection of paint by numbers and did a show of them in LA around 2000 and thought I was being original – whoops. I found some pretty unusual ones, but I had to go on a collection diet and sell them off.
    Anyway, again – love the podcast! Thanks for making it!

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2015 /// 3:51pm

    paint by numbers are fantastic… and lots of ways to use them so i’m sure you were being original 🙂 ps. i just stocked some of your paintings in my shop!

  6. kelly /// 06.16.2015 /// 4:47pm

    Glad my stalking paid off! Haha, seriously, though – I’m a podcast addict and surprised there aren’t more good ones on the subject of art. Thanks again!

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2015 /// 11:49pm

    i know… i thought that too! so i just decided to start my own so i could ask my questions ; )

  8. Barry Kennedy /// 09.12.2015 /// 12:41pm

    Hey just started to listen in to podcasts and really enjoying them. Im a mature student doing fine art and education in The Nnational College of Art and Design in Dublin Ireland.I dont have any lecturers wanting to burn mmy work but the big push is towards concept. Having said that I get to do the complete opposite when out teaching in the schools. Looking for a life in the middle. Trey podcast was great. Keep up the great work

  9. Heidi Lanino Bilezikian /// 03.29.2016 /// 7:06am

    LOVED this so much, Trey is amazing!!!

  10. Christine Aaron /// 03.27.2021 /// 8:39pm

    SO MUCH FUN! Such joy. I have to know…did you go to the boat party?

  11. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2021 /// 10:09am

    it didn’t happen!!! BUT if he ever plans another one… I’M GOING! 😉

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