melissa loop


Whoa. I want to go to there. I am in love with the explosion of color in these magical, mountainous landscapes by Minneapolis based artist Melissa Loop… but wait… she’s no ‘one trick pony’! Melissa does beautiful things using only one color too:


Ahhh, blue tropics. I want to go to there too… Melissa did: “This series is based on the photos, mis-memory, and fantasy around my research trip to the French Polynesia.” 

comments (2)

  1. maggie /// 06.19.2015 /// 9:53am

    These are so incredibly dreamy! The second one is my favorite.


  2. Amy Tingle /// 06.21.2015 /// 4:41pm

    Oh my god. The 4th one from the top reminds me of a little public swimming pool in the middle of the mountains in Molise, Italy. I went there a few years ago with my friend and our kids and we watched a storm come barreling over the mountains toward us. Lightning and thunder exploding over this aquamarine pool. This takes me right back there! I love her work. Off to find more . . .

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