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Episode no. 5 : Kansas City based artist Peregrine Honig. I “know” Peregrine, but only through email, so I was very excited, and a little nervous, to finally speak to her in person. We talked about her experience as a reality TV cast member {for real!}, helpful procrastination tips, and her latest body of work {no pun intended} that could have gotten her arrested in China. Everything in this episode is shown here so that you can follow along while we’re talking. Most of it won’t make sense unless you listen, so just click ‘play’ right up there {see, just under those beautiful boys}, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Alright, first things first… reality TV meets art:


Yes. Reality TV and art… that might literally be my own personal heaven. Did you watch Bravo’s Work of Art? I sure did… and Peregrine was on it! {that’s her above, in silver, just below the “of”}. I loved this show, and Peregrine was my favorite all the way through so it was VERY exciting to finally ask her all of my fangirl questions! The images above are from her final, fantastic, absolutely gorgeous show. Sigh. Love. Ok, so after I obsessed over that for awhile, we moved on to talk about her latest series, #hoteldrawings:


Gorgeous, and I love that she didn’t create them in her usual studio space! She then took this sassy series to a new level via an incredible printmaking residency in China, just this past spring:


Yes, that’s the master calligrapher she mentioned… an inspiring collaboration, and “so sexy” as the girls would say! {This work will be shown in September 2015 at Red Star, Kansas City MO.} As we were finishing up with the “speed round”, I asked if she had any strange final stories to share… she did:


What!? The glass crown by Kate Clements that I wrote about {right here}, the day before Peregrine and I did this interview… and look where it lives?! Crazy.

Oh, and I said that I would include her first answer from my book, Creative Block. All of her answers were like poetry, but this Q/A was my favorite:

JC: Do you remember the first time you felt like “an artist”?

PH: I remember drawing in the sun on my mother’s apartment porch when I was four. My hand was cooperating with my mind. A Belgian man and his girlfriend were staying downstairs. He was smoking near me. He looked at what I was drawing and told me I was too good to draw on both sides of a sheet of paper. The memory of this moment is fresh- the airborne dust, the smell of tobacco, the texture of the wood under my paper. I had never been praised in the form of advice.

Ah, lovely. And with that, I will say a huge thank you to Peregrine for taking the time to do this with me, and of course a great big THANKS to all of you for listening/looking! The next episode will be filled with art and ready for your ears next Saturday.

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  1. Steve B /// 06.22.2015 /// 9:51am

    These drawings are great! Are they available in the US?

  2. Louise Best /// 07.30.2015 /// 1:17pm

    I LOVED LOVED this podcast that kept me company on every spare moment today. She paid you an amazing tribute at the end there. Wow!
    I want to watch that reality art tv series too. **adds to 1000 year long list**
    I really like looking at the artist’s work afterwards, it’s so nice to imagine it before I see it if I don’t know them. I am hoping to find a list of your podcasts somewhere, is it me or isn’t there one?

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.30.2015 /// 2:16pm

    ha! thanks so much louise 🙂 yes, you can find the podcast on itunes under jealous curator or art for your ear… thank you!

  4. Louise Best /// 08.01.2015 /// 11:40am

    Oh crumbs, I hate to be a pain but I meant on your website. Do you have a podcast list so I can pop directly to each one after I have listened? I am sure I can’t be the only one wanting to look at the visuals after doing the aurals. (smirk)

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.01.2015 /// 12:21pm

    there’s a dropdown on the left side of the site… choose “art for your ear : podcast” and all of the posts are there with an audio player embedded … is that what you meant? i hope so! 🙂

  6. Louise Best /// 08.15.2015 /// 3:20pm

    Thank You! I found it, that’s so helpful. 🙂

  7. Rachael Longgrear /// 12.13.2016 /// 11:11am

    Peregrine is simply divine. I am fortunate enough to not only live in the great city she calls home but also know her through art practice and the growing creative community, which she is a central column of. Just now stumbling upon your blog so I’m catching up on years of bag logs, and this brought joy to my heart to see her featured here so truthfully. She does so many more wonderful things besides illustration, such as directing fashion shows, sculpture, and running a lingerie boutique. I am also a major fan girl of hers and consider myself very lucky to own a few of her older pieces.

  8. Jessica Brackett /// 01.08.2017 /// 1:17pm

    I had the pleasure of studying with Kate Clements for all 4 years of art school, we even took the same professors all 3 years we were in Painting together. Her work was magical and thoughtful then, and continues to be today! I also adore Peregrine’s work, as well. She has a knack for sharing the delicate and intimate with the naughty and profane. Delightful!

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