monika forsberg



Oh, Monday morning. I want to jump back into my bed for one more quick little bit of sleep… just long enough to have a colorful, beautiful, and totally wacky dream that resembles these mixed media pieces by Swedish born, London based artist/illustrator Monika Forsberg (aka Walkyland) … I want to make friends with little birds wearing shoes!

{via Lisa Congdon … you can find a really wonderful interview with Monika on Lisa’s site.}

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  1. maggie /// 06.22.2015 /// 1:54pm

    These are so fantastical! I love the little birds wearing jackets.


  2. Heather Wallace /// 06.23.2015 /// 3:41pm

    These look like prints ready for retailers like UO, Anthropologie,, and boohoo. Gorgeous and a little indie.

  3. Jamila Mendez /// 06.30.2015 /// 11:55pm

    These are soo amazing! I absolutely loooove then!