silja selonen


My high school math teacher told me that even if I was an artist, I’d need to know math. I didn’t believe him. Luckily, Finland based artist Silja Selonen knew better! Ah, yes… her paintings are a beautiful marriage of art and science {in the form of oil & gesso on wood}. Here are her words about these works:

“When studying in Art-Academy I did my written thesis about art and science, and this theme follows me. To me, those beautiful mathematical shapes represent the invisible world – time, energy, matter, gravity – but also emotions and awareness.”

Lovely. Happy Monday… to you too, Mr.Keane.

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  1. Sharmon Davidson /// 06.29.2015 /// 11:49am

    Art and math – a perfect combination.

  2. heather /// 06.29.2015 /// 4:16pm

    I only wish my mathematics teachers would have talked to me more using Mandelbrot’s theory or the Fibonacci sequences….even music theory like the Bach Well tempered Clavichord…I would hAVE ‘GOT IT’.

  3. the jealous curator /// 06.29.2015 /// 9:28pm

    it was strange for me… i got A’s in chemistry and biology, but math? i REALLY didn’t get it!

  4. Carla /// 06.30.2015 /// 2:03pm

    Interesting and intriguing work! Math is art after all…

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