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Today’s episode is an interview with American ceramicist Amanda SmithFrom blowing things up in the kiln to balancing art and motherhood, Amanda seems to handle all of it with a Zen-like ease. You can listen right up there, or you can subscribe on iTunes. Here is what we covered, in the order that we covered it. First up, I was so thrilled to have Amanda’s work in the show that I curated last winter at the Bedford Gallery in California. That group of women is getting an up-close look at three of Amanda’s pieces:


Ooh, and this piece, titled “Piñata”, was on the title wall. Note the red ‘sold’ dot! {The lovely images of the gallery were taken by Micaela Hoo}. Moving along to a few of the pieces that I specifically asked Amanda about… “Hummer Procession” and “Hot Punch”:


… and just a few more of my favorites because I can’t not share them…


Unicorn! Love. We also gave a little plug to her wonderful, supportive, and also super talented husband, Casey Jex Smith:


And according to the ‘speed round’, if she could have a coffee date with anyone it would be Ira Glass. Um, I want an invite to that! Here’s Ira with Tavi Gevinson of Rookie {in the Wall Street Journal}… hopefully they won’t mind if Amanda and I join them:


And that’s a wrap! Thank you to Amanda for taking time away from her baby, her four year old, and the studio to talk to me for half an hour… and thank you so much to all of you for listening! The next episode will be up next Saturday.

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  1. Emma /// 06.28.2015 /// 1:31pm

    What beautiful artwork! The girl climbing the tree is my particular favourite.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.28.2015 /// 2:12pm

    me too emma… that little golden apple?! love.

  3. Audrey Takeshta /// 06.30.2015 /// 11:19am

    I love Amanda’s take on being an artist and a mommy. I’m also a mom, trying to get my art work on track, and I’m always wondering how parent artists see themselves in these duo roles. Great interview!

  4. the jealous curator /// 06.30.2015 /// 12:59pm

    me too! i think she has a really great/calm perspective on all of it … very inspiring

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  6. Alvaro /// 07.21.2015 /// 11:14am

    Thanks for the podcast, this episode was the first one that I listened to and after it I immediately subscribed! I love learning about other artist’s process and to take a peek on what’s on “the other side”. Thanks for having the conversation and sharing it!

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.21.2015 /// 1:05pm

    thank YOU, alvaro!

  8. Jenna Douglass /// 07.23.2015 /// 2:59pm

    I’ve been loving your ‘art for your ear’ podcasts! I listened to Ben Skinner’s and felt slightly overwhelmed afterwards-like, should I be making art in multiple materials too? Am I totally uncreative because I just paint! Then I listened to Amanda’s and felt way better because I paint AND I have an 18 month old. Refreshing and wonderful to hear her talk about art and motherhood. And her husband, Casey Jex Smith is one of my favorite artists-I saw him in a group show with 2 of my former professors (who happen to be brothers-Peter Everett and Daniel Everett). Check out their work if you haven’t! Thank you Danielle, for pouring all your time and creativity into this blog-it’s so helpful to artists and art lovers alike!

  9. the jealous curator /// 07.23.2015 /// 5:53pm

    thank you so much! yeah, it makes me feel better to hear all sorts of different perspectives too! good luck with your paintings, and enjoy that baby! ; )

  10. Mar Cerdà /// 01.28.2016 /// 1:53am

    I’m hooked on this postcasts! I just discovered them and I’m listening them one by one!!
    I love how sincere and close you are, and how the artists are confident with you and they all have such amazing stories!

    Thanks for that!


  11. Pam Thompson /// 01.28.2016 /// 5:44am

    I hade had your ‘Creative Block’ a while-it is my waking up in the middle of the night reading and inspires me each time when I fret about not being creative. I am a poet mostly-but penjoy collaging; yearn to get back to more art. I listen to your podcasts at night too; right now when i am marking scripts in a university and when I am driving. Thanks for all of it. Pam

  12. the jealous curator /// 01.28.2016 /// 11:21am

    ah, that’s so great! that means the world to me pam… love that i get to be part of your creative journey!

  13. Susan Ruming /// 09.03.2016 /// 3:32pm

    Thank you for your podcasts! I am a little late in discovering them, but I had to start from the beginning and what a fantastic journey of catchup I am on!
    This podcast speaks directly to me… I am a graphic designer, but took some time off (13 years!) to become mother of 3, became an expat after my husbands career, and have recently taken up painting again… and I’ve been beating myself up about why I have let it wait for so long. So great to hear that I am not alone in this struggle of how to be mother and artist and designer. Thank you… Susan

  14. the jealous curator /// 09.03.2016 /// 4:27pm

    soooo not alone, susan! so glad you found the podcast : )

  15. Weirdgirlillustrations /// 01.29.2017 /// 9:45pm

    Although not a mother myself, I really enjoyed your podcast with Amanda Smith. I found it refreshing to know you don’t have to give up on your art if you are or going to be a mother. I got into your podcast so much that I unintentionally drew a mother mouse reading to her young. Keep up the good work!

  16. Carolina /// 05.15.2017 /// 2:10am

    I´m completely in love with your podcasts. Your voice is really sweet and the talks are so sincere. Not pretencious at all! Really important things when listening while painting. I´m excited to see if I can find your books in Barcelona. Keep them coming please! =)

  17. the jealous curator /// 05.15.2017 /// 8:19am

    thanks carolina! and yes, my books are in barcelona. not exactly sure where, but big book stores carry them along with book shops at galleries : )

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