ira svobodová


Ah, Monday morning. I think this calls for some quiet, elegant, simplicity. Layers of folded paper? No. They’re acrylic paintings on canvas that look a lot like layers of folded paper. This is the lovely, large-scale work of Prague-based painter Ira Svobodová, and a perfect way to start a new week.

{She currently has a show, titled Papercut”, at CES Gallery in Los Angeles that runs until July 18, 2015~ those are the install images above.  ps. thanks to Melanie Biehle for sending me a link to Ira’s work!}

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  1. Berta /// 07.07.2015 /// 12:53pm

    oh my goodness!! wow!! I can only imagine the impression they make when you see them in person. I am in love.