“push through the messiness”


Today I’m talking to Portland based artist, Lisa Congdon. Yep, Portland! She just moved from her long time home of San Francisco… oh, and for the ‘speed round’, please note the ‘California’ tattoo on her arm in the photo above. Alright, listen right up there, or subscribe on iTunes. As you’re listening, you can take a peek at the things that Lisa and I talked about, in the order that we talked about them. If you’re not listening, I’ll be honest… this post won’t make much sense!

Ok, let’s do this. This is the glamorous “recording studio” that I mentioned right off the bat:


Very high tech. {Oh, and I mentioned the interview she and her wife Clay just did on the Being Boss podcast, which you can listen to right here.} I asked if she still had the first painting she ever did… this is the first still life painting from the first painting class she took {just for fun} in her early 30’s. She did this in 2001:


Love it! {thanks for sharing this little gem, Lisa!} This next piece was part of the 2012 Dorothy Saxe Invitational Exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco:


Gorgeous! And what an amazing full circle moment when her teacher stumbled upon this at that show, years after teaching her how to paint! So cool. I also wanted to include a bunch of her current abstract work, along with some of my favorites of her mixed media pieces from a few years back {that large abstract below makes me think of the “painting curve” that she talks about}


Love. And then we had to talk about her books, because there are so many of them … this isn’t even all of them! These are just the ones we had time to talk about:


Ah, they’re all so great! The new swimming book {“The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water”} is going to be gorgeous, and will be out next Spring! Ok, next… I asked her what she loves drawing the most:


Patterns and flowers, obviously! Those images above are directly from her sketchbook. Also directly from her sketchbook? A gorgeous new line of textiles that she made with Cloud 9 Fabrics:


I wonder when she sleeps? And finally, this is the sketchbook course she was talking about:


You can find info for these classes here:  “Sketchbook Explorations” and “Line Drawing” {and there is a new “Sketchbook Explorations” class starting this fall, so keep an eye out for that} Phewf! She is a busy lady, and that was an action packed post! Thanks so much to Lisa, to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and to you for looking ‘n listening. The next episode will be ready for your artsy ears next Saturday.

*The top-most photo of Lisa was taken by Sarah Deragon, and the two photos of Lisa painting the large abstract were taken by Victoria Smith.

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  1. rania watts /// 07.25.2015 /// 6:11am

    LOVE the tap dancing question… you girls did a fabulous job.. very inspirational for those of us who have decided to surrender and genuinely give their artistic side a proper chance!

  2. Sharon Hinds /// 07.26.2015 /// 8:22am

    Great inspiration to get over myself – and my fears. Every word is still echoing in my head! Thank you! Thank you!!

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.26.2015 /// 6:38pm

    doesn’t she have a great/inspiring story!?

  4. Jennifer Johansson /// 07.27.2015 /// 12:41pm

    I loved this episode! In fact, there were tears in my eyes when it was over! I’ve heard several intereviews with Lisa, but Danielle, you still managed to ask some questions I’ve never heard Lisa answer. Thanks ladies for your continued inspirations!

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2015 /// 3:47pm

    yay! that was my goal! 🙂

  6. Samspi /// 07.29.2015 /// 2:44pm

    Currently loading up my Amazon wish list with Lisa Congdon books! I loved her understanding about not getting things perfect right away. Being a beginner can be so magical if you let yourself enjoy it!

  7. Tara Rodden Robinson /// 07.31.2015 /// 7:36pm

    Great podcast! Thanks, Danielle and Lisa! I loved hearing about Lisa’s full circle moment with her painting teacher! What a joy for any teacher to discover the success of their student. Lotsa love and gratitude to you both.

  8. the jealous curator /// 07.31.2015 /// 8:52pm

    thanks tara… yes, i loved that story too!

  9. Berta /// 08.03.2015 /// 7:04pm

    I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Lisa. I enjoy both your website and podcast. I learn so much and I am inspired.

  10. the jealous curator /// 08.03.2015 /// 10:58pm

    thanks so much berta!

  11. Wiktoria Florek /// 09.17.2015 /// 5:11am

    It was inspiring to listen to Lisa’s story! It resonates a lot with my own. Thanks Danielle for having such a great people sharing their artistic journeys. Wish u a lovely day both <3

  12. iHanna /// 11.22.2015 /// 4:26am

    Thanks for a great interview! So inspirational. I just found your podcast, and started to listen to the ones where I recognize the names of the artist, this and the one about Kate Bingman Burt.

    Both SO great, will keep listening!

  13. the jealous curator /// 11.22.2015 /// 8:22pm

    thank you! 🙂

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