rómulo celdrán


Lovely black and white photographs of mundane objects… NOPE! Large-scale, mixed media DRAWINGS of mundane objects! What?! This is the pencil & acrylic work of Spanish artist Rómulo Celdrán. Some of these pieces are up to 69″ wide… like those pencil shavings. Oh, those pencil shavings. I cannot even imagine being able to draw like that. Love.

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  1. Rómulo Celdrán /// 07.24.2015 /// 8:40am

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting my work in such an enthusiastic way. I really appreciate it. I lot of people are discovering my work thanks to this post and the one in your Instagram so…Many thanks!

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.24.2015 /// 9:25am

    oh, of course romulo! i found your work yesterday (on pinterest) and i gasped out loud ; )

  3. Nicole /// 07.24.2015 /// 8:46am

    No way! These are incredible. Did you see the light bulb?

  4. Rómulo Celdrán /// 07.24.2015 /// 9:53am

    Wow! That´s very sweet of you. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. GregoryWest /// 07.24.2015 /// 9:55am


  6. Lisa Stevens /// 07.24.2015 /// 10:45am

    I really want to see these in person. I’m pretty certain that looking at them on my phone does not do them justice! Great work!

  7. Simone /// 07.24.2015 /// 6:44pm

    This work is amazing!

  8. Michael Young /// 07.25.2015 /// 1:24am

    But why … ?

  9. audrey /// 07.27.2015 /// 5:26am

    my god… this is… unbelievable.

  10. jk /// 07.29.2015 /// 1:06pm

    Hi– is it possible to purchase one of these drawings? Thanks!

  11. Melanie Biehle /// 07.29.2015 /// 6:06pm

    This is seriously insanely amazing!!!! I can’t believe they’re drawings!!! Woah! WOW!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!! 🙂 (I’m eloquent.)

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