laura berger


Oh, summertime. I’ve been loving every minute of it… warm nights, lake swims, lying around in the sun… and so when I saw these paintings by Chicago based artist/illustrator Laura Berger, well, I had no choice but to write about her again{Sorry Australia & New Zealand – you can get me back in December!}

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  1. Cecile /// 07.30.2015 /// 7:16am

    These little people seem to be enjoying life! They’re simple, yet very sensual.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.30.2015 /// 9:09am

    totally! she has quite a few little people doing yoga and swimming naked on her site… sweet, sensual, and a perfectly weird : )

  3. Pam /// 07.30.2015 /// 9:13am

    Are her paintings for sale? And if so how much are they? Thanks.

  4. the jealous curator /// 07.30.2015 /// 12:46pm

    yes they are… just follow the link through to her site and click on SHOP in the top nav. she has prints and originals there (originals range from about $160 – $450)

  5. Val S /// 07.30.2015 /// 2:39pm

    These are fun, especially the first and last ones!

  6. lalalalalinks - Bliss /// 07.31.2015 /// 4:47pm

    […] this painting and the rest simply make me smile. […]

  7. Maggie /// 08.01.2015 /// 9:06am

    I love these! So simple, colorful, weird and whimsical. Thanks for sharing!

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