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There are so many things that fascinate me about Australian artist CJ Hendry. First, her insane ink drawings obviously, but… I think I might be even more obsessed with the images of her working! So fascinating to see her process in perfect black and white. But wait there’s more. I absolutely love her story… a few years ago she dropped out of an architecture degree to follow her passion. Good move.

“After having left school I enrolled in architecture and immersed myself in a world of lines, rendering, and architectural history,” Hendry said. “It was a completely captivating degree and I spent hour upon hour dissecting oversize black and white scale plans. All my assignments were hand drawn with a pen and ruler as I couldn’t figure out how to navigate CAD and Revit… [so she decided to take a year off]… I made a deal with myself – if I didn’t sell anything in 365 days I would re-enroll in university and go back to what I was doing. Luckily, after a couple of months I got my first major sale and there was no way I would ever set foot in a university campus again.” {via Mashable}

Ah-mazing. Ok, and there’s one more thing. She doesn’t seem to have a portfolio site. She posts all of her work via her Instagram account. Very smart. I’m not sure why she decided to do it that way, but it’s a great idea for any of you that want to share your work with the world but can’t afford {or can’t figure out how} to set up a full website. Final work, shots in progress… an amazing way to share your work… for FREE!

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  1. simone /// 07.31.2015 /// 6:43am

    I am blown away……

  2. Allison /// 07.31.2015 /// 7:42am

    Love this. 🙂

  3. Ana /// 07.31.2015 /// 7:49am

    I’m all about those plates, though.

  4. selena Sixon /// 07.31.2015 /// 7:57am


  5. Julie /// 07.31.2015 /// 8:38am

    pretty much the best of the best. Perfect.

  6. Shawn McNulty /// 07.31.2015 /// 11:02am

    I really like the pineapple piece.

  7. Jessica Amos /// 07.31.2015 /// 6:58pm

    Wowza! Whoa. Love love love. <3 xo

  8. Cecile /// 07.31.2015 /// 7:04pm

    Wow… very jealous…

  9. Berta /// 08.03.2015 /// 6:57pm

    stunning work

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