maurice sapiro


American artist Maurice Sapiro has a huge portfolio filled mostly with landscapes that look like they were painted by one of the French masters in my art history books… but his portraits… oh, his portraits. These hauntingly beautiful oil paintings also feel like they just came from those same pages, but with a modern twist. Those pops of yellow and electric orangie-pink, perhaps? So inspiring, and I thought this was also a nice little hit of inspiration for a Tuesday morning:

“I have been painting for over 60 years, and still enjoying every moment at the easel. ~ Maurice Sapiro”

Ah-mazing. Makes me want to spend a day at the easel.

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  1. Cecile /// 08.11.2015 /// 5:57am

    Amazing! And it seems he can do it all too!

  2. Doris /// 08.11.2015 /// 6:38am

    Yes. Wonderful. And how about his “Pour Paintings”!

  3. tijana /// 08.11.2015 /// 8:21am

    so hauntingly beautiful… dreamlike wonders

  4. Verónica Chauvet /// 08.11.2015 /// 8:23am

    I love his landscapes, which is what I better know of his artwork. Thanks a lot for showing us these spectacular portraits. What a talented artist!!!

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.12.2015 /// 11:32am

    yes. so much talent!

  6. Kerr Ashmore /// 08.15.2015 /// 4:01am

    Maurice Sapiro is the most inspirational artist I know…he is a true master and a brilliant human being! I’m so happy to see his portraits featured here. Bravo Maurice!

  7. Delightw /// 08.15.2015 /// 8:07am

    These are hauntingly beautiful, and I am a tough critic.

  8. “Now in his 80s, Maurice Sapiro Hits His Artistic Stride” | Maurice Sapiro /// 08.17.2015 /// 10:15am

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  9. Charline Giffard /// 11.27.2020 /// 5:20pm

    oh my god!