sammy slabbinck


Must find scissors immediately. Gah! The portfolio of Belgian collage artist Sammy Slabbinck is full, and I mean FULL, of bizarre scenes that have been brought to life through clever cuts and precise pasting… but, clearly, something about those surreal soups and sleepy mountain girls were speaking to me. Loudly ♥

{via Saatchi Art}

comments (6)

  1. Cecile /// 08.12.2015 /// 5:09am

    Wow, love this! I wonder where he found some of those old magazines…!

  2. zandra zuraw /// 08.12.2015 /// 9:19am

    LOVE!!!! Brilliant. Happy. Thank you.

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.12.2015 /// 11:31am

    aren’t they great!?

  4. Nichole /// 08.12.2015 /// 4:24pm

    Wow!! Absolutely love this!! Phenomenal. See the world differently xx

  5. Amy Tingle /// 08.15.2015 /// 5:42am

    AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dying. These are amazing. I just scored a huge pile of crazy good vintage magazines (including a 1969 Playboy Holiday edition!) at this little antique bookstore in Virginia on our road trip. I cannot wait to dig in with my knife! SO GOOD.

  6. Elissa S Nesheim /// 08.21.2015 /// 2:20pm

    oh my… the galaxies in bowls. swoon! so precise?! im amazed. and now i want to eat tiny sailboats.

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