maya hayuk


Whoa. This is the work {painting (1), screenprints (2,3), murals (4-14)} of Brooklyn based artist Maya Hayuk. Gorgeous, colorful patterns that “recall traditional Ukrainian crafts, airbrushed manicures, and mandalas.” My first thought was wow, she must go through a lot of tape, but I’m pretty sure it’s all freehand, which is even more amazing. On one hand, they’re so precise {the patterns, color choices, angles}, but on the other side they’re so free {no tape, drips, wavering lines}… what a stunning combo! Her work is so vibrant and full of energy… and it looks like she is too! I’m going to start posing like Maya in every photo from now on! #handsoverhead

{via spitfiregirldesign}

comments (2)

  1. Jessica Amos /// 08.14.2015 /// 8:16am

    Whoa. Wow. I’m in LOVE!!

  2. simone /// 08.14.2015 /// 8:28am

    I so Love her work. Glad you put her on.

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