lotte maja bjerre


Piles of geometric up-dos? Perfectly stacked, shiny french braids? I’m not sure, but that’s what I see! I do know that these perfectly wrapped parcels of whatever they are were created with only pencil, and pen, on paper {up to 2’x3′} Love! This is the most recent work of Copenhagen based artist/illustrator Lotte Maja Bjerre… and now I want someone to french braid my hair. In a square.

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  1. Cathie /// 08.17.2015 /// 9:02am

    Soft and geometric at the same time – I love this work! Graphite is my favorite medium and it’s fun to see how modern artists are using it. Thank you for finding this!

    I’m not sure if it’s okay to say here but I really love your podcast. I’ve been out of the art loop for several years while at home with my sons. Now they’re in school and I’m slowly making my way back. After I hear your podcast I make sure to take the time for my work – thanks for the inspiration. Smiles, Cathie

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.17.2015 /// 9:45am

    oh, that makes me so happy cathie! i can totally relate… i took quite a bit of time off when my son was little. good luck on the road back!

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