andrea d’aquino (and a book give-away!)

Oh my goodness! Thanks to all of you that entered to win this gorgeous book {if you didn’t win, I still think you should pick one up… Christmas is just around the corner, after all!}. I am very happy to announce that the winner is: KRISTIN LIU! 



Gasp! Stunning! Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, made new again by New York based mixed media artist Andrea D’Aquino. I cannot get over how beautiful this book is, and I’m so excited to read it to my son. I love Andrea’s work {I featured her in my book, Collage}. Not only is Andrea insanely talented, she also happens to be one of the nicest people around! She sent me two copies of this beautiful new book {that just hit shelves two days ago} … one for my family, and one for YOU! Just leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Monday September 21, 2015 … anyone can enter : )

{This gorgeous book is published by Quarto, and is available to buy in all sorts of bookstores… find them all right here!}

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  1. Sam Kelly /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:07am

    Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. I would love to have this beautiful book. Thank you for the giveaway, Danielle!

  2. Chambers Austelle /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:20am

    These illustrations are awesome. Definitely inspiring

  3. Wrenaissance Art /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:26am

    Such lush and gorgeous illustrations! Please enter my name in the giveaway drawing. 🙂

  4. Johanna Denger /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:30am

    This is a beautiful book. I can’t wait to check it out!

  5. Lori /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:31am

    A clever artistic reimagining of a classic story. I sure would appreciate having it.

  6. Rashi /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:33am

    The illustrations are beautiful. Lovely giveaway. The cover is so interesting!

  7. Jillian /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:43am

    This is beautiful! I’d love to see more.

  8. Alex C /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:44am


  9. Liv /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:45am

    This is a such a pretty book! I love how it fits with the dreamlike quality of the story

  10. Daisy Zeller /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:49am

    A classic, loved by millions, and always a fount of inspiration for artists…

  11. Joanne M /// 09.18.2015 /// 6:02am

    Pick me! Pick Me!!!!

  12. sam kimball /// 09.18.2015 /// 6:11am

    Would love to have a copy of this to read to my boys! Thanks for the chance.

  13. Susan /// 09.18.2015 /// 6:38am

    Oh my. As a librarian and book lover, I would love to add this to my home collection. Thank you for the chance!

  14. Jodi Shuster /// 09.18.2015 /// 6:49am

    i too would love to be entered into the draw for this book. She is one of my favourite illustrators!

  15. Julie Maresova /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:08am

    Oh! I love the ilustrations! It would be awsome to have this book in Czech Republic!

  16. Abbi M /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:09am

    What a beautiful book!

  17. cassia cogger /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:43am

    These page spreads you shared are stunning!!! Can’t wait to thumb through the whole thing.

  18. Maria Fernanda Villas Boas /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:47am

    I love it! I want it!

  19. E Roach /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:54am

    Wow, thanks for the opportunity!! So inspiring!

  20. Connie /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:05am

    Love the illustrations! Thanks for an exciting give away opportunity. May it find its way to my rabbithole:)!

  21. melissa p /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:23am

    Lovely book! I know someone who would love it 🙂

  22. Ola /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:25am

    Yes please:]

  23. Jessica Gibson /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:30am

    What a beautiful book!

  24. Julia /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:30am

    Gorgeous and surreal… a perfect fit for the story! Was just talking to coworkers about classic children’s stories and their adaptations into more adult formats. Love this!

  25. Tiffany McLean /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:34am

    These are just beautiful. I’d love to read this to my little boy

  26. sylie /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:36am

    beautiful illustration!! <3

  27. Anna /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:36am

    I love it! Colors, collage and watercolors!!! Beautiful!

  28. shae /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:37am

    oh my goodness just looks Wonderful! Alice is my favorite book ever …trying to encourage my 10 year old to read it …this might do it!!!

  29. Lane /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:39am

    Alice in Wonderland has always been my favorite book, and this version is truly stunning.

  30. Allison /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:39am

    Just gorgeous! I want!

  31. Lisa /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:40am

    Beautifully done! I’d love to have it for a friend who is expecting and wants children’s books for her soon-to-be-born babe!!!

  32. Stefanie Potter /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:40am

    WoW! I would love to share and read this with my children!! 🙂 <3

  33. Susie /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:41am

    got my fingers and toes crossed

  34. Nichole /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:42am

    Such gorgeous work – wow!

  35. Kristin /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:42am

    So beautiful!!

  36. amanda /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:43am

    ooh i love love love it. great story and beautiful art <3 i hope i win!!

  37. Jane /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:43am

    This is just beautiful work, and such a great piece to revisualize!

  38. amanda /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:43am

    ooh what a great story with beautiful art! i love love love it! i hope i win!!

  39. Michael Mirza /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:43am

    Looks like a beautiful work! I love the whimsical but timeless art style.

  40. Marianne Verkest /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:44am

    Thanks for sharing this, I just love it!! Such gorgeous illustrations that you want to see over and over again to discover something new every time.

  41. Jill /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:45am

    I collect AIW books. I would love love love to read this , devour the images and to add this to my collection. The artwork looks very unique…love the collage of the rabbit, so unusual and wierd and wonderful.

  42. Mai /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:45am

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  43. Courtney /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:46am

    this is such a beautiful and unique way to depict Alice’s adventures, I love it! I’m absolutely going to check out Andrea’s other work too! thanks for the chance to win a copy. 🙂

  44. karla salaverria /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:48am

    gorgeous work!

  45. Victoria | Milkfed Press /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:48am

    What a refreshing take on an old classic! I love it.

  46. Kate MacDonald /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:49am

    These are gorgeous!

  47. laura lee /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:51am


  48. Georgia Geis /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:52am

    This really is amazing. One of my favorite stories, mainly because of all the different artistic interpretations.

  49. Nadina /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:52am

    Oh my word !

  50. Veerle /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:52am

    ‘Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast’, is what Alice said. I would love to have this book to inspire me for thinking more impossible things before breakfast!

  51. Lisa S /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:52am

    Oh goodness. So beautiful and can’t wait to share with friend who loves Alice even more than I do.

  52. Naomi /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:53am

    So good! I have an entire collection of different versions of “Alice in Wonderland”… must add this. I’m rather obsessed!

  53. hpb /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:54am

    Can’t wait to dive into this wonderland!! Beautiful and rich.

  54. Roy Gloeckl /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:55am

    The perfect book for the 150th anniversary (and not a bad unbirthday gift, either)! These illustrations are so whimsical. Thanks for the heads up. It would make a welcome addition to my Wonderland collection.

  55. Julie Duffield /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:55am

    Amazing pictures ♥️

  56. Jackie /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:55am

    I love it!! Thanks for bringing this artist and so many more to my attention!

  57. Lo /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:57am

    So …. so … jealous! 🙂

  58. Nancy Zastudil /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:58am

    My nephew would love this!

  59. Kate Giroux /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:59am

    Oh My Gosh – this book is about the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! If I wasn’t already obsessed with children’s book art, I would be now – thank you for show us this 🙂

  60. danessasasasa /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:59am

    such beautiful textures! <3

  61. Riley Nikolychik /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:59am

    yes please!

  62. Ellen whittier /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:00am

    Such dreamy, witty water colors. Perfect for Alice’s journey. Love it!

  63. Clare C. /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:00am

    Beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Elise /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:00am

    Love when a book is illustrated in a new way – all the painterly marks and collage! A great find.

  65. Sue Norman /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:02am

    what a Fabulous book

  66. Karina /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:03am

    This is a wonderful book, beautiful work by the illustrator! Would love to have it in my collection ^_^

  67. Myranda McDaniel /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:03am

    So beautiful! I could stare at these pages all day!

  68. Vanessa /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:03am

    wow! Looks amazing!

  69. Ellen /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:08am

    Amazingly beautiful illustrations! I would love this book for me granddaughter!

  70. virginia /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:09am

    Oh wow, I so hope I win, so gorgeous and a lifelong favorite book! Thanks for the chance!

  71. Emma Byrne /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:10am

    Fabulous illustration, would love to add this to my collection!

  72. marianne /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:12am

    Impossible to not be in love with this version! ~perfect for adults and children. Would love to have for a Christmas eve read to the two grand daughters!

  73. Lena /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:19am

    I would just love to give this to a friend to add to her Alice collection.
    This would be the star, I think!

  74. michelle /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:19am


  75. Ross /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:22am

    This would make a great addition to my daughter’s book collection!

  76. Elizabeth /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:23am

    What a treasure!!! Her illustrations are magical!

  77. Michelle Nilson /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:23am

    wonderful illustrations!

  78. Hollie /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:23am

    So beautiful! Incredible inspiration for an aspiring illustrator!

  79. Linda /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:24am

    so beautiful–a story often illustrated and this is right up there with the best.

  80. Jenny Harris /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:25am

    Alice is my favorite favorite favorite character of all time! I love this version, the illustrations are so beautiful!

  81. Bethany /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:25am

    So gorgeous, so inspirational. I love it.

  82. Marian /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:26am

    What an absolute gem. Would love to add to my book shelves. Thank you for the chance to win. <3

  83. Maderia Eoff /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:26am

    This is so amazing! Would love a copy!!

  84. Kai /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:27am

    This is gorgeous! I love it 🙂

  85. Linda /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:30am

    So very very beautiful! Love the originality.

  86. Branka /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:31am

    Great work, refreshing! Angela d’Aquino manage to make this story new and exciting again! This goes on my book wish list:)
    Thank you for information.

  87. Carolina /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:31am

    Gorgeous! Would love to win this to read to my daughter!

  88. Jen /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:35am

    I adore this, it combines three of my favorite things: collage, illustration, and bunnies!

  89. Marissa Swinghammer /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:38am

    I would love a copy to share with my kids and enjoy myself.

  90. Moriah M /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:39am

    Beautiful work!

  91. Jodi /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:39am

    I love the illustration style of this artist. It is sparse and rich all at the same time. Thank you both for the book give-away. The winner will be a lucky person!

  92. Rachel /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:43am

    What beautiful illustrations! They really reflect the madness. I want to creat a collage now!

  93. Maria /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:44am

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Pick me!! I must own this book!!!!!!

  94. Joleen /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:45am

    One of my favorite stories and these illustrations look gorgeous!

  95. Rebecca /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:46am

    My favorite book ever and the illustrations are stunning!!

  96. /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:49am

    Beautiful illustrations! I’d love to read it to children in my home nursery.

  97. Robin /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:50am

    Absolutely lovely

  98. Katerina /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:53am

    This book is beautiful! Thank you for the contest!

  99. Jennie Lesser /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:54am

    I collect Alice in Wonderland books and I would absolutely love to add this lovely edition to my collection! The illustrations are so dreamy!

  100. Citlaly Sanchez /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:54am

    Love the illustrations! >_< so inspiring!!

  101. Tyler /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:54am

    Wonderful! Stunning! Thanks for continuously introducing us to great artists to enjoy!

  102. Mathew Dobie /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:55am

    This is awesome! Love the rawness of it all.

  103. Jenee /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:58am

    Oh my goodness – what a gorgeous rendition! Love the updated look. I would cherish forever and ever. Thank you so much for sharing.

  104. Rosaleen /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:58am

    Wow. Such beautiful work!

  105. danielle @ this picture book life /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:00am


  106. Kay /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:01am

    Great find! It’s beautiful. I love it when the illustrations make you rethink a classic piece. Thank you!

  107. Lexi Parker /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:05am

    I need this for my collection of Alice in Wonderland books! It’s so beautiful, it would be the perfect addition!

  108. Julie /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:07am

    very, very, very nice!

  109. Shannon /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:09am

    This is a truly gorgeous rendering of a classic tale. My nickname is Dallas Alice. Pick me! Thanks for the chance!

  110. Jill pilon /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:11am

    #happy friday

  111. Christina /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:15am

    Stunning! I just gave an art project to my students to create a narrative shadow box based on children’s story. Alice in Wonderland was very popular.
    (good luck to me!)

  112. Jessica /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:15am

    Fantastic Alice artwork. It’s great that it’s so fresh and almost completely non-derivative, with just the occasional wink, as it were, to the Tenniels. Thanks for sharing.

  113. lindsay o /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:16am

    beautiful book, good luck, all

  114. michelle /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:22am

    This is BEAUTIFUL !! Thanks for the chance for the giveaway!

  115. deb /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:26am

    beautiful book!

  116. dana /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:26am

    wow! what a gorgeous book!

  117. Erin /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:27am

    lovely book!

  118. tanïa /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:29am

    Oh, what a lovely book! I’d love to win it!! ♥

  119. KristieGrant /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:29am

    I lost all of my books in a house fire last year and am trying to rebuild it. Would love this lovely book to be part of it.

  120. Maggie Pickavance /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:32am

    Beautiful! You sure know how to pick ’em!

  121. Sarah Thompson /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:39am


  122. Sarah /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:40am

    What a beautiful book!!

  123. mariana /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:41am

    So beautiful!

  124. Marisa /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:43am


  125. Marike /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:47am

    It’s beautiful. I would love to read it with my son.

  126. Helen /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:51am

    This book is beautiful! The illustrations just take away my breath. Thanks for the give-away and the winner will be very lucky to get this book!

  127. Daan /// 09.18.2015 /// 10:52am

    “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”
    Rightly so & beautifully done! 🙂

  128. Audrey /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:09am

    Beautiful! My son recently played the “White Rabbit” in a children’s theater group.

  129. SonjaBajic /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:10am

    Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

  130. aly /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:12am

    AHH this looks so awesome. what beautiful illustration!!. I’m dressing up as the Cheshire Cat for Halloween and have always been in love with Alice . definitely putting this on my wish list!!!

  131. Jyll /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:15am


  132. Alyssa /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:15am

    This is just stunning – I can’t wait to share this book with my children! The illustrations are so magical and varied.

  133. susan /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:19am

    That is a beautiful book. Thank you for the give-away!

  134. Lauren /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:23am

    Beautiful beautiful book! Would love to have this and share with my nephews when they visit!

  135. angie /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:25am


  136. Tara /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:30am

    this book of magic is my spirit animal!

  137. Kimberly Santini /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:30am

    This is one of my all time fav books, and I love the fresh look it has with Andrea’s art. It will be gifted to many a child on my list this year!! 🙂

  138. gemma /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:32am

    absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  139. Sue /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:39am

    Such a special artist!

  140. stacey /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:41am

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! also, just heard you on Tiffany Han’s podcast – that was wonderful, too 🙂

  141. Kelly insley /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:43am

    Childlike and whimsical. Love the humour, the twisted almost psychedelic collages. Super cool.

  142. Ania /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:48am

    Lots of marks, splashes, pieces, puzzles all combined in such a beautiful collage… a proper Wonderland!

  143. christy Sverre /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:49am

    Something different! wonderful ideas and very creative. It’s a collection piece. Would go well in my library.

  144. Erica /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:52am

    Love this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. Emma Block /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:57am

    This is such a stunning book! It’s great to see a fresh approach to the text that’s completely unique.

  146. yael /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:05pm

    Love the illustrations and would be so happy to add this to our bookshelves!

  147. Alli Short /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:08pm

    Love the King and Queen collage! Beautiful book!

  148. Mollie /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:17pm

    Oh man this is beautiful. Alice In Wonderland is such a fun book to be able to illustrate. I’m all about the Eric Carle-esque illustration with some found imagery collage. So cool.

  149. Pepedog /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:25pm

    Whimsical and surreal and maintaining childlike wonder. Very cool.

  150. Zoe /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:26pm

    Amazing illustrations! Would love to own a copy

  151. Sue /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:27pm

    Gorgeous art!

  152. Chloé /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:28pm

    Such a gorgeous book – I’d love to have it 🙂

  153. Flo /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:31pm


  154. Summer /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:34pm


  155. Carrie /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:40pm

    amazing! Do you suppose she is a wildflower?

  156. Haley Ahlers /// 09.18.2015 /// 12:47pm

    This is soooo beautiful. My girls would love it.

  157. Carol Lee Beckx /// 09.18.2015 /// 1:02pm

    What an absolute delight! So love these quirky paintings.

  158. Enzo Marra /// 09.18.2015 /// 1:37pm

    Why do children get all the best illustrated books ?

  159. Tomika G. /// 09.18.2015 /// 1:59pm

    Oh! What a visual treasure!

  160. Sigrid R /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:06pm

    Curious-er and curious-er. So lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  161. Konstantina Zarnaveli /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:07pm

    OMG! Looks so lovely <3 I hope I'm the lucky winner!

  162. Rebecca C. /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:19pm

    I’m in awe, what a beautiful book to immerse oneself in. Just gorgeous.

  163. Kristen Barrett /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:27pm

    This looks like a brilliantly creative edition of a much loved classic, I would love to share this with my daughter.

  164. Christy Roe /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:30pm

    Those illustrations/mixed media pieces took me by surprise- They are fantastic! What a great idea.

  165. Amy Norkitis /// 09.18.2015 /// 2:43pm

    So gorgeous! And one of my favorite stories. This looks like a must-have!

  166. Kayla Lake /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:03pm

    I love Andrea D’Aquino’s modern take on this classic story! Her work makes you feel like you’re reading your favorite book for the first time, all over again!

  167. Jeannie Seamone /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:04pm

    Love Alice in Wonderland!! I have one of the original John Tenniel illustrations tattooed on my arm. I love all the different interpretations and illustrations!

  168. Desiree /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:14pm

    To quote a certain someone, “damn, I wish I thought of that!”

  169. Pam Koger /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:15pm

    “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
    Such beautiful work and such imagination from Andrea D’Aquino. The book would be treasured.

  170. katherine Paul /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:16pm

    what an absolute beauty of a book! An incredibly unique take on a classic!

  171. Gessica Z. /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:19pm

    Oh my, this book is amazing! I’m trying to design a children’s book myself and works like this inspire me so much. This goes straight into my wishlist

  172. Elspeth Langford /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:32pm

    I would love to add this beautiful edition to my Alice collection

  173. Emily Kinsella /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:44pm

    Wow!! This is soon beautiful. My son would love it. Thanks for sharing this.

  174. debby Saunders /// 09.18.2015 /// 3:52pm

    What great illustrations! I would love to own this book.

  175. abigael alexander /// 09.18.2015 /// 4:01pm

    this is stunning! i collect copies of alice in wonderland but am limited to second hand finds usually as i’m not working due to depression. this would be a brilliant addition! fingers crossed 🙂

  176. Sierra /// 09.18.2015 /// 4:38pm

    Alive in Wonderland is my FAVE!!! Thanks for the chance- the illustrations are GORGEOUS!!! xoxo

  177. Julia olesiak /// 09.18.2015 /// 4:42pm

    Love the illustrations in this book! Great site – thanks for sharing.

    soon to be reading to my lil one too 🙂


  178. Erica /// 09.18.2015 /// 4:46pm

    I would love to gift this to my awesome nephew who is quite the reader.

  179. Emma /// 09.18.2015 /// 4:59pm

    Need!! Alice is one of my favourite books, I don’t think i’ll be able to pass up this edition!

  180. Kat Dornian /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:16pm

    Oh my! This illustration is so whimsical and magical… I’ll definitely have to find myself a copy.

  181. Whitney Romberg /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:23pm

    Gorgeous book want! 🙂

  182. Jill /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:32pm

    So beautiful! The illustrations are just gorgeous.

  183. Crystal /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:35pm

    So pretty and enchanting

  184. Marivi /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:36pm

    One of my favorite books!! I can’t believe it! Amazing

  185. stephanie /// 09.18.2015 /// 5:55pm

    oh my gosh, I would LOVE to read this to my son too! So beautiful!

  186. Clyda /// 09.18.2015 /// 6:20pm

    This is one of the most beautiful illustrated books illustrated. I am a teacher in an art school.
    It will be great if students who are under studying illustration can get to see this book. Yes please pick me I will share and inspires the kids with this!

  187. Elise Weeks /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:00pm

    In love! After seeing her work in Collage I’ve been SUCH a huge fan. Love how she blends art & design into the most magical, thoughtful, inspiring compositions. This would make reading with my little girl even more awesome <3 Thank you for sharing this beautiful work!

  188. Helene A. /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:12pm

    I love Alice in this colourful decor!!!

  189. Leslie Robinson /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:22pm

    Omigosh! Breathtaking…

  190. Meg /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:30pm

    as magical as it should be!

  191. Frances Marin /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:30pm

    Ever since you posted the legs I have been fascinated by this edition! I love all the different media used for the story. Thanks for sharing this book with us!

  192. Cassandra /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:38pm

    It reminds me of an old copy of a beautifully illustrated copy of James and the Giant Peach that I have. This definitely has my name all over it.

  193. Jenni /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:46pm

    This is so unique! Love that you posted it – I was looking for some eye candy at the end of a long week. 🙂

  194. Tash /// 09.18.2015 /// 7:53pm

    A timeless tale with so many artistic interpretations! “Off with her head” – this page is so striking!!

  195. sydney85 /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:07pm

    My favorite story as a child. Would love to win to give to my granddaughters.

  196. Erin KW /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:08pm

    My 5YO was Alice for Halloween last year (and had 4 grown-ups supporting cast)! We would LOVE this gorgeous book!

  197. Fidelia Zheng /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:08pm

    really love alice in wonderland story. this is awesome !

  198. Sarah Scott /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:13pm

    *gasp* I am SWOONING over this! Such lovely illustrations… The colors and of course, a classic story I adore. Upcoming inspiration for Halloween, maybe (once again)? 🙂

  199. Eden /// 09.18.2015 /// 8:43pm

    so lovely! I’ve been planning on reading Alice again for creative inspiration, but this is twice as inspired!

  200. Nicola /// 09.18.2015 /// 9:43pm

    Oh boy, how incredibly creative.

  201. paula /// 09.18.2015 /// 11:56pm

    This illustration is absolutely stunning! I’d love to have it in my shelf.

  202. Aaron Conder /// 09.19.2015 /// 12:08am

    I love these illustrations. My kids would probably be fighting me for viewing time of it:) Inspires me to try and illustrate other childrens stories I loved:)

  203. Natalia /// 09.19.2015 /// 12:23am

    It is incredible!!!!!!! I love it! 🙂

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    This book seems to capture the magic you feel as a child and that ability to believe in your pretend. Beautifully done.

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  228. rachael schafer /// 09.19.2015 /// 5:55am

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    Hope this is an international give away.

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    I also look forward to your weekly email where I am always assured of seeing some
    interesting pieces….Thank you

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  270. Reanne /// 09.19.2015 /// 7:17pm

    How stunning! I wonder if it’s the entire story, word for word? Love the illustrations! Any chance you know of any other classics reimagined in a similar way? Books like this give us a new window to experience the stories we’ve grown up with, so it never gets boring. I actually really love this idea!

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    I take the chance to thank you for that!

    The book is amazing!

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  287. Cari /// 09.20.2015 /// 1:31pm

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    I recently just saw an exhibition on Alice in Wonderland at the Harry Randsom Center in Austin, Texas. It has been an incredible story for children and adults for so many years. This illustrated version is an insane amount of wonderful! I wish it had been in the exhibition! I’d love to have it at home.

  290. Elissa Nesheim /// 09.20.2015 /// 7:52pm

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  297. Effie Mattheou Demetriades /// 09.21.2015 /// 10:00am

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    My thesis was: ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Greek PunDaemonium’

  298. June Black /// 09.21.2015 /// 11:48am

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  300. Carla /// 09.21.2015 /// 12:34pm

    My daughters and me just watched the film by Tim Burton. Crazy burlesque! We have read the book. We are fans of Alice! We would love to read this beautiful take on the story – bring it on.
    Thanks for the give away!

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