erin tengquist


Ahhh… the work of LA based artist Erin Tengquist. All of these photographs are from her series titled “Underwater”. I’m boarding a plane to LA as we speak for the opening of “California Girls” tomorrow night. I cannot wait to see these gorgeous, ‘make you wish it was still summertime’, large-scale photos up-close and in person … *pool/bikini not included.

 {Erin’s work is available on Saatchi Art}

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  1. rania watts /// 09.23.2015 /// 12:27pm

    Awesome photographs… Congratulations, have a fabulous time at the show & break-a-leg! <3

  2. Daniel /// 09.23.2015 /// 2:52pm

    Great photo series! I love the iridescent colors that are in the full color picture. The mirror effect on the second photo is nice. The only thing I’d suggest is increase the contrast a little bit on the black and white ones. How the light bends through water can look amazing with more contrast is show.

  3. Georgia Gibbs /// 09.26.2015 /// 4:09am

    I can taste the chlorine and feel the freedom of weightlessness. Summer. Growing up So Cal these make me feel like I just went home for a visit. Thank you!