kelly puissegur


How do I get an invite to that after party? I need to be there. This is the weird ‘n hilarious work of LA based painter Kelly Puissegur. I have written about Kelly before {here and here}, but I have never seen her crazy narratives in person… but that is about to change! Kelly is one of six LA based female artists in my latest show, titled “California Girls”. It opens this Thursday night in Culver City… I’m kinda hoping there’s an after party, and I’m kinda hoping it looks like this! ps. You should totally come.

{Her work is available on Saatchi Art}

comments (5)

  1. Mollie /// 09.22.2015 /// 12:06pm

    I love her work! I like seeing an artist use some humor in their work. It’s still precious but funny too.

  2. rania watts /// 09.22.2015 /// 12:58pm

    Sigh! In with these….

  3. marianne /// 09.22.2015 /// 4:36pm

    creative ~colorful and kick butt best! thanks for sharing these!

  4. stephanie /// 09.23.2015 /// 9:22am

    i love her work!!! can’t wait to see in person!!

  5. shawna /// 09.23.2015 /// 9:30am

    Been following her work for a while, she’s amazing! Glad to see her in an exhibition!