“a really slow magician”


Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. It’s a bunny-deer. Today I’m talking to LA based ceramicist Debra Broz. Her work is so fun, and oh so very labor intensive. They’re like ceramic collages! All of these pieces are one of kind – two pieces truly merged into one… that’s right, no molds… just very precise cutting tools, a truckload of patience, and some major talent. I couldn’t wait to find out how she worked her “slow magic” to reimagine these little animals, and she was kind enough to tell me everything. Listen right up there under the bunny-deer, or subscribe on iTunes. As you’re listening, take a look at the things we talked about in the order that we talked about them. First up, the two-headed lamb that started it all {and a couple of my other favorites}:


Gah! So weird and amazing and bizarre and beautiful! I told her I was going to find a few critters at my local thrift shop so she could work her slow magic with them… this is what I found:


Um, yeah. I’m going to need to see that pig head on something… I’ll have to pack up a box and send him down! Ok, next up, the “Twin Persians” and the horses with hands {ps. she bought the hands in 2007 and the horses 2014… ah, a seven year wait but oh so worth it. They’re now joined in harmony!}


Weird! And wonderful. Here’s the bird/deer that she mentioned. I love this one. Oh, these colors!


I love it all! And before we wrap this up, here are a bunch of links to some other tidbits we talked about:

~ To buy her work, please visit her site, and if you’re brave enough to have her do a commission with your grandmother’s ceramics you can contact her via her site too!

~ If you’re in California before December 27, her work is in a show, titled RE-MADE, at the American Museum of Ceramic Art.

~ Speed-round gem, her favorite movie from her teen years… Reality Bites (classic!)

Thanks so much to Debra for giving us a peek behind the curtain, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and thanks to YOU for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

comments (10)

  1. Rania Watts /// 10.10.2015 /// 8:29am

    OMG! I so want the cow/bird & bird/deer chimera’s… quite stunning…

  2. Julie Kirk /// 10.10.2015 /// 9:28am

    Goodness these are clever! I’m both a huge collage fan and a lover of vintage bird ornaments – so this is a wonderful combination for me. No pun intended!

  3. brandi marie /// 10.11.2015 /// 10:09am

    That bunny deer is pretty much my favorite thing ever! And Danielle, your thrift stores sound amazing! Ours here are pretty picked over. Probably because we have so many amazing antique/vintage/junk shops, which have really great things… but at a higher price. So I think everything gets bought up really quickly from the thrift stores, and then resold for more.

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.11.2015 /// 11:00am

    yes, i love this that little guy! and yep, that’s the great thing about our small town thrift shops… not picked over AT ALL! it’s like a treasure hunt with a box of gold almost every time!

  5. Nora Wallace @ OnMyWall /// 10.12.2015 /// 10:22am

    That pig looks very Buddha-like, and I must say his belly looks just as rub-able!

  6. kelly witmer /// 10.13.2015 /// 7:35pm

    Another great episode! Speaking of thrift stores in LA – I think Debra (and Danielle) would really like a store called Revival – a really odd mix of stuff. A guy who works there posts on instagram under https://instagram.com/revivalfurniture/ – very interesting feed! If, like me, you happen to be entertained by opossum mummies in hatboxes. Could be some ceramic gems there.

  7. donna /// 10.21.2015 /// 11:59am

    Such fun work! Thank you.

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  9. Pamela Cupit /// 12.31.2016 /// 11:45pm

    They fill my heart with joy.

  10. Steves Bouvier /// 01.17.2019 /// 5:32am

    The horses with 1 human hand
    Her work is great!

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