keith lemley


Wow. This striking installation, titled The Woods, is the work of American artist Keith Lemley. His portfolio is full of beautiful pieces that use light and nature in really interesting ways… but it was these graphic, clean, glowing axes paired with rough, old stumps of wood that took my breath away. Here’s a snippet from his artist statement:

“My work is about seeing the unseen – the invisible presence which exists in our minds and surrounds all objects, experiences, and memories. Working in my studio in rural Appalachia, I have developed a keen interest in being part of and observing natural systems, time and the process of life and death, and an aesthetic sensibility synthesizing the organic and the machine.”

ps. This work is in a show that opens tomorrow, October 10th at Exhibit A in Corning, NY

{via Yellowtrace}

comments (4)

  1. Elissa S Nesheim /// 10.09.2015 /// 11:10am

    So so interesting and Clever… I would love to see these in person. Wow.

  2. Uli /// 10.10.2015 /// 2:01am

    This is absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like this before.


  3. Rania Watts /// 10.10.2015 /// 8:32am

    beautiful… the contrast between light and wood is splendid… easy on the eyes… dream inducing…

  4. Ann Welles /// 10.22.2015 /// 2:02pm

    Great to find Keith’s work here on The Jealous Curator. ‘The Woods’ is here at Exhibit A in Corning, New York through January 2nd. It looks different in our space than these pictures; still quite wonderful!

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