kristin vestgard


Rosebud lips, pink cheeks and the occasional mouse hat… ah, the lovely work of UK based artistĀ Kristin Vestgard. I have loved her oil paintingsĀ for years, and I’m sure you can see why. Dreamy.

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  1. Cecile /// 10.15.2015 /// 5:36am

    These are beautiful yet slightly eerie in an interesting way…

  2. Michele Hogan /// 10.15.2015 /// 5:44am


  3. marianne /// 10.15.2015 /// 9:58am

    mesmerized! wonderful color and gorgeous figurative paintings! bravo!

  4. Jasmine H /// 10.15.2015 /// 7:19pm

    Solid in essence, yet flowing with this living creepiness. I love it.

  5. Mara Sola /// 10.16.2015 /// 9:17am

    Dear jealous curator, first of all to congratulate you for such an inspiring blog and great choice of art!! I am daring to send you My website incase you would like to have a look.

    Here you can see the work done until 2012 but if you want to see more from recent years , I can send by email!
    Thanks a million

  6. Rania Watts /// 10.16.2015 /// 4:24pm

    these pieces remind me of coco channel… such a delicate era for women’s fashions… exquisite…

  7. lorell /// 10.19.2015 /// 5:08pm

    absolutely stunning. ladies of a foggy dream. <3

  8. Lakeshia /// 12.28.2016 /// 10:29am

    Hi there! Noticed that the link to her website is incorrect. It’s currently going to a sketchy loan website. Her site ends in .com []

  9. the jealous curator /// 12.28.2016 /// 5:15pm

    ah, thanks! she must have changed it at some point (i’ve gone in and fixed the post – thanks again!)

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