lourdes sanchez


Ah, delicate, washy, floral perfection. This is the latest work from Brooklyn based painterย Lourdes Sanchez. I wrote about her watercolor and ink pattern paintings a couple of years ago… in fact, there were a few new ones in that department too, so obviously I had to include them! Voila:



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  1. Sheila /// 10.14.2015 /// 8:23am

    So lovely!

  2. Elise /// 10.14.2015 /// 12:33pm

    That first image is so beautiful and haunting! Such a light hand with the minimal palette.

  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 10.14.2015 /// 3:53pm

    I’m so in love with these paintings!

  4. Lucy /// 10.15.2015 /// 2:11am

    This is so beautiful and powerful. Brings water colour to a whole new level.

  5. Carla /// 10.15.2015 /// 9:05am

    Her work is getting better and better! So nice to see her evolution. Those flowers!! Breathtakingly serene…

  6. joan /// 10.15.2015 /// 2:58pm

    What can I say, the gal is kicking it!

  7. Rania Watts /// 10.16.2015 /// 4:25pm

    transparent aura’s… poem worthy… quite delicate…

  8. the jealous curator /// 10.16.2015 /// 5:25pm


  9. Susy /// 10.18.2015 /// 8:10am

    Exquisite! I’ve fallen in love…

  10. kyla /// 10.25.2015 /// 7:16pm

    ooo, wow, love the floral pieces, ethereal!

  11. Lauren Figueroa /// 10.27.2015 /// 5:02am

    Stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was recommended the “Being Boss” podcast by a friend a few weeks back and I’ve been PLOWING my way through it. Today was the Jealous Curator episode! Thank you, thank you for your insights!

    I’m a creative at heart, currently using up all my energy at three part time administrative jobs (oy!). I’ve been slowly, slowly planning my “side hustle” and your interview was especially close to home (especially the part where you take FOREVER to get your blog off the ground because you are planning, planning, planning..). All that to say, thank you! I feel empowered today, and I say “poo poo!” my inner critic! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll be back for more jealously curated art! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. the jealous curator /// 10.27.2015 /// 7:55am

    yay! i love that… thanks lauren! and good luck!!!

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