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Cactus people, tree people, folding chairs, and a bit of podcast anxiety. Even though LA based artist Ashley Mistriel was nervous to talk to me, she did it anyway! And I’m so glad because we had a great conversation about all sorts of things. One of my favorite stories was about Christian Clayton making her fill a whole ream of paper with drawings… now there’s a way to let “perfection” go! Anyway, you can listen to us chat right up there under that little cactus clan, or you can subscribe on iTunes. Here are Ashley’s “tree people” – the work that got her into the MFA program at Cal State Northridge {CSUN}:


The tree people have now led to the cactus people:


Sigh… I love those cactus people. Next, I noticed that her portfolio was not only filled with cactus people, but there were also a lot of chairs, so clearly I had to ask about that:


Lovely. Up next, a tiny peek at the thread installation that she did with a friend, artist Kristen Dikio:


So, she’s a painter, an installation collaborator, and a curator! Yep, she and another artist, Theresa Knopf, are putting together a show of collages at Good Eye Gallery in LA {November 28th 3-6pm, 4538 Eagle Rock}.

And just to call it out, this is the gorgeous piece that Ashley recently sent to me. I was so surprised and beyond thrilled… look how gorgeous it is:


Love. So much love! Up next, this is the piece she was talking about that got into American Illustration very early on in her grad school experience:


… and finally, this special piece, titled “Stanwood Drive”. Yep, it’s amazing what an afternoon out with your grandfather can inspire:


There. Just like that, it’s over. Nothing to be nervous about! Thanks to Ashley for not saying no to me, and thank you so much to you for listening! Hoping to have more art for your ear next weekend…. Bye!

Other Links/Info: 

Ashley’s Instagram feed

Good Eye Gallery show – November 28th 3-6pm, address in Eagle Rock

A few of the teachers she mentioned: Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Martha Rich, Samantha Fields


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  1. Cecile /// 11.07.2015 /// 12:43pm

    Leo and gouache? Yep, love her even more!

  2. Samantha Agar /// 11.08.2015 /// 7:50am

    I can so relate to the “stage fright” thing, and Ricky Schroeder was my one true love when I was a kid! If I missed Silver Spoons there was hell to pay…
    Just LOVE Art For Your Ear! It’s my new favourite podcast.
    Also, do people ever just randomly send you art work, Danielle? I’m tempted just as an offering of admiration/as an act of fun.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.08.2015 /// 2:11pm

    oh, ricky (well, silver spoons ricky) was my fave. i was pretty sure i was going to marry him… it didn’t work out 😉 yes, people do send me artwork and i’m always very honored to receive it, but please don’t feel like you have to! i’m also happy to look at it online : )

  4. Annalisabeth Craig /// 11.09.2015 /// 7:36am

    Oh Danielle how I love your podcast! I look forward to it every week! It’s such a treat to hear intimate, honest conversations with the guest artists. As a student, I really appreciate the attention you give to educational background and experience! Your conversation with Ashley, especially after you “stopped recording,” really hit home with me today. Thanks for all you do for artist exposure-you’re an inspiration!

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.09.2015 /// 9:58am

    thank YOU annalisabeth … so glad that episode hit home with you!

  6. Elissa S Nesheim /// 11.09.2015 /// 12:22pm

    oh i love these… and this interview. i love listening to these as I start my week… its always so inspiring to hear from these different artists to get my work started out.

  7. Ashley Mistriel: Cactus People Serieson tumblr//instagram | Illustrated Monthly Blog /// 11.10.2015 /// 11:10pm

    […] Ashley Mistriel: Cactus People Series […]

  8. bernicky /// 11.13.2015 /// 3:58am

    Loved Ashley Mistriel (immediately thought of Judith Krantz when I saw the name). Don’t you kind of want to see that whole ream and what she did with it?

    It was in the aftermath – that little tidbit about the ill timed critique which plagued you for years to come – that you spoke loudest to me. I stopped writing outright for almost thirty years after one such moment. Listening to your podcast and the artists like you who managed to get up and keep at it after being gut punched is inspiring.

    I am curious about one thing. The blog and show are about other artists but often, because it is a discussion between artists, your own work and struggles with it are referenced. Where can listeners see your works as well as that of the artists you feature. There’s probably a link somewhere that I can’t see so if you could let us know (by “us” I mean me, because it’s always about me).

  9. Katie G. /// 12.05.2015 /// 12:33pm

    I am OBSESSED with these cactus people currently! In the podcast she talks about disliking the desert due to its lack of color, and I love that she mentioned that because part of what draws me to these pieces is the color that she uses. It’s interesting that she started using found images because of an assignment that she didn’t want to do… I can relate to the experience of disliking the prompt and then ending up creating something fantastic. Great podcast!

  10. Pari Nikau /// 11.09.2016 /// 8:56pm

    Love these podcast so much. I have just recently started listening. I think i started listening about 4 days ago and have listened to 25 episodes so far. You have sparked something inside me that has helped me get back into my art. Hearing how all these artist make time for the art and give it a space as priority is so inspiring to me being that I work within the banking industry where creativity isn’t really at the forefront. I have found myself getting the itch that only art could scratch. Sooo just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

    Many many thanks from a keen listener from NZ

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