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Oh! I have just found my new happy place… the Instagram feed of Düsseldorf based artist Sabine Timm. I wrote about her teeny tiny work back in 2012, but someone just pointed me to her magical world on Instagram and I’m even more in love than before. I’ll apologize now for all of the time you’re about to spend there… little faces made from bits ‘n pieces, tiny scenes that tell some pretty weird stories. Sigh… so happy, so lovely, so tiny. Happy Monday.

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  1. Rebecca /// 11.09.2015 /// 6:04am

    … and there goes my morning. LOVE the little happy place she’s created with her art!

  2. Chelsea /// 11.09.2015 /// 8:06am

    I love this so much!!!!!!!
    This sort of creativity inspires me and delights me. Its the sort of resourcefulness kids have (with incredible skill here!) But then at school we are taught that art has to be a certain way. But I think this is the best sort of art 🙂

  3. Angela schwer /// 11.09.2015 /// 9:00am

    Oh my gawd! I so needed this first thing on a Monday morning! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Jenna Michelle Pink /// 11.16.2015 /// 10:12am

    Oh these are cute 🙂 I love it.

  5. om pom happy /// 11.27.2015 /// 7:52am

    so cool :)))

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