claire harvey


Oil paintings… tiny oil paintings on glass slides, acetate, and scotch tape! Add a little sticky tack, and voila, special little pieces that I can’t stop looking at. This is the work of UK born, Amsterdam based artist Claire Harvey, and there is oh so much more where this came from! Check out her site to see all of her tiny people living on their transparent surfaces. Love.

{Thanks to Carolina for sending me a link to Claire’s work}


comments (6)

  1. simone /// 11.10.2015 /// 6:25am

    Beyond awesome.

  2. Laura (LK Art) /// 11.10.2015 /// 7:13am

    So cool! Love the detail.

  3. Cecile /// 11.10.2015 /// 11:09am

    These may be my favorite pieces ever on your site… The airplane ones… please have her on your podcast!

  4. marianne /// 11.10.2015 /// 1:01pm

    amazing and so creatively unique! so out there… in a wonderful way!

  5. GregoryWest /// 11.10.2015 /// 10:40pm

    these are amazing

  6. Jason Macuha /// 11.11.2015 /// 5:21am

    The miniatures never fails to amaze me… I love the Art. Visit our personal art collection at Macuha Art Gallery

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