helen, lourdes, and liz


Oh. My. I love this so much. The work of Brooklyn based artist Lourdes Sanchez {who I just wrote about a few weeks ago}, hand-in-hand with the best-selling book, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is the creative brainchild of art director Helen Yentus {fyi – she has designed so many beautiful books, including the now very famous cover for Eat, Pray, Love}. For this project Helen dug through Lourdes’ extensive painting archives and chose 250 pieces. She then made 250 totally unique covers for “Big Magic”. Sigh. Magical, indeed. Lourdes emailed to tell me about this fantastic collaboration, but instead of blowing her own horn, she wrote this:

“I just want to really stress that it was Helen Yentus’ vision – then rolling up her sleeves and figuring out how to make it happen – that brought this to life. My artwork being on the covers was one section of a much larger circle, {it was all work that I had done over the years, that Helen dug up from my archives} and I feel the star of  this particular story is Helen. But, it’s also interesting to me that the work of three people: a writer, an art director, and a painter – who have all been honing their craft for awhile – came together for a moment in time.

Wonderful. On every level. These special one-of-a-kind pieces can be found here.

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  1. Verónica Chauvet /// 11.18.2015 /// 7:03am

    Wow, I can´t imagine a best way to put together three creative and talented people for a single “product”. These will be books to treasure, like when we were kids and among our favorite things, were the book of tales.

  2. rania /// 11.18.2015 /// 6:31pm

    wow, it’s as though the colour has pure emotion…

  3. Carla /// 11.18.2015 /// 11:50pm

    isn’t it just Big Magic how something stunning arises when people’s individual magic is brought together? I love it!

  4. Amy Tingle /// 11.21.2015 /// 5:06am

    Big magic, indeed. My favorite energy of all time, collaboration. I adore the idea behind this project and those pieces of artwork are stunning. I need to make a trip across the river to find Lourdes. I’m in love.

  5. Audrey /// 11.30.2015 /// 7:53am


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