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Is it spring yet? Vancouver based painter Bobbie Burgers‘ gorgeous abstract-ish floral paintings will have you wishing for peony season sooner than later. I wrote about her a few months ago, and through a few weird Instagram messages we realized that we had actually gone to university together. Crazy! Obviously we had to talk about this in person, so I invited her onto the podcast {but had to peer pressure her into downloading Skype first}. Press play right up there under Bobbie at work, or you can subscribe on iTunes. First up, a few of my favorite blooms by Bobbie:


Gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous, this is her insanely amazing new studio that we were talking about. Brace yourself for studio envy…


Yep. Ah-mazing. Don’t you kind of want to sit on that blue couch, drink coffee, and watch Bobbie paint giant flowers all day long? Sigh. And now, some of her latest work… the “drawings” she was talking about:


Ah, so rich, and loose, and beautiful. Now, if her studio in North Vancouver {or “Boburg”, according to the speed round} isn’t enough for you, this is where she works when she’s in my neck of the woods. You can see why she said it’s hard to concentrate here:


Isn’t it beautiful? I am so inviting myself over there this Christmas – I literally live about a 15 minute drive from here! And finally, one of my favorite things we talked about… the fear of big white canvases, and the little message she repeats to herself {and tacks to her studio wall}


Love. Forget perfection, just go for it. Ahhh, so wise. Well there you have it – those were the flowers, and stripy shirts, and beautiful spaces that make up Bobbie’s world. Thanks so much to her for hanging out with me on Skype, to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and HUGE thanks to you for listening/looking! I’ll be back next week with another episode.

Other links: Bobbie’s gorgeous Instagram feed  /  Bobbie’s sculptures  /  Show at Bau-Xi Vancouver  /  Tiffanie Turner’s paper flower work

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  1. Amy Tingle /// 12.05.2015 /// 8:00am

    This shall be my new mantra. I’m going to crayon this on my studio wall. And also while I’m there, pretend my studio looks like her studio instead of a tiny bedroom overlooking a driveway in NJ. *sigh*

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.05.2015 /// 9:46am

    i know right. she’s pinching herself too ; )

  3. Jeanette Pidanick /// 12.05.2015 /// 10:14am

    I am very interested in purchasing the first painting.

  4. gemma gene /// 12.05.2015 /// 10:21am

    OMG!! extreme studio envy!!!!! all these paintings are sooooo beautiful!!

  5. gemma gene /// 12.05.2015 /// 10:23am

    also, the painting with the black background in the 4th picture…It is so amazing!!!

  6. Melanie /// 12.05.2015 /// 12:14pm

    SUCH a great interview. you have some seriously good prodding skills. thanks for this.

  7. Megan /// 12.05.2015 /// 12:16pm

    So great! For so long I had been trying to make paintings just like these!!! These were in my head; at least. I just couldn’t do it right! I’m so happy to see these and know that someone out there is harnessing this concept successfully! I am a new fan!!!!

  8. Cecile /// 12.05.2015 /// 1:17pm

    I love hearing about those little anxieties too… so reassuring. And I SO look forward to this podcast every week!

  9. RJ McHatton /// 12.05.2015 /// 4:36pm

    Wonderful spectacular art work! Very inspiring! Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Amy G. /// 12.05.2015 /// 4:51pm

    I LOVE this painter, thank you for the introduction! I am also a big subscriber to the “be willing to destroy” mantra in my own work. It’s how the best things happen.

  11. Sister Hilda /// 12.05.2015 /// 8:17pm

    A wonderful interview, and I could live inside the yellow painting.

  12. Julie /// 12.06.2015 /// 12:24am

    i completely said “I KNOW!!” when you said it!!

  13. Andrea Stajan-Ferkul /// 12.06.2015 /// 6:30am

    Enjoyed this interview with my morning coffee.. loved listening to both your stories.. especially about make choices in changing styles and the courage to paint intuitively. I’ve been following Bobbie Burgers work over the years and watched it evolve. Studio is to die for.. so clean (like mine). Ha!

    “Be willing to destroy”..yes yes yes! ..but emotionally exhausting.

  14. Allyn Howard /// 12.06.2015 /// 11:41am

    This was such a fun interview, you sound like friends that hang out all the time! I love her work, it’s new to me, so really happy you shared it!! thanks.

  15. the jealous curator /// 12.06.2015 /// 11:48am

    thank allyn … felt like that to us too, which was so weird since it was the first time we’ve ever spoken! i think i have a new friend though ; )

  16. Hilary Frye /// 12.06.2015 /// 2:18pm

    Oh man! So incredibly GORGEOUS. I hope she designs fabric someday! I would love to sew with it! Great interview! (I agree with Allyn…you two sounded very simpatico. Very cool!)

  17. Patti Waterfield /// 12.06.2015 /// 6:57pm

    I have been following your posts and sharing them for a while now and am very appreciative of the content. I really enjoyed this interview with Bobbie Burgers – I first saw her work in 2001 on a visit to Vancouver and recently was able to make it to the Bau Xi Gallery in Toronto to see her work in person. This was an amazing interview, thank you so much. It also made me feel comfortable with all the feelings I have when I go into my Studio – i can say to myself Bobbie Burgers and The Jealous Curator ( in her painter mode) feels the same way too!

  18. AROUND HERE… | Besotted /// 12.06.2015 /// 11:51pm

    […] The Jealous Curator, Danielle Krysa just added a new Art for Your Ear podcast with the magnificent Bobbie Burgers. Must listen. Should also make it to Foster White […]

  19. Wayne Smith /// 12.07.2015 /// 8:28am

    I’m late to the party, but I just want to say my “here, here” in that this was a great interview and Bobbie’s work is amazing.

  20. the jealous curator /// 12.07.2015 /// 10:33am

    thanks wayne : )

  21. Meghan O'Connell /// 12.07.2015 /// 11:51am

    OMG I loved the conversation at the end. Packing lunches is the WORST! You are both such inspirations to me, and I loved the BC-based references in this!

  22. the jealous curator /// 12.07.2015 /// 9:05pm

    the. WORST. ; )

  23. Crystal Foth /// 12.10.2015 /// 8:19am

    Fantastic interview – I love her florals!! I have a huge white canvas staring at me everyday right now. hmmm what to do with it! I loved hearing you both chat at the end – the best ever!

  24. digital cowgirl /// 12.17.2015 /// 5:01am

    Your site is one of my stops when I need inspiration (which is all the time). I of course love the art I see but I really love posts like this-where I get a glimpse into how the art is made! Wonderful and motivating! Thanks.

  25. Laureen Marchand /// 01.13.2016 /// 1:16pm

    I’ve followed Bobbie Burgers’s art for years and The Jealous Curator for only a few months and both are always a pleasure. Usually you find artists for me that I didn’t know about; this time you found depth for me in both the artist you interviewed and in my own studio practice. It feels like this one will be reverberating through everything for some time to come! (And the chat at the end brought such a human kind of depth – thanks for including it.)

  26. veyssier /// 03.01.2016 /// 11:05pm

    bravo j aime beaucoup ce que vous peignez

  27. Minka Levstik /// 03.14.2016 /// 5:50am

    super very nice amaising Minka

  28. Tracey /// 03.14.2016 /// 4:16pm


  29. Annika /// 03.28.2016 /// 4:18am

    Just wanted to say, I have been listening to various episodes of this pod-cast for the entire afternoon, and it is really nice to collage and illustrate to! I totally said “I know” at the same time as well. Looking forward to listening to the newest podcast!

  30. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2016 /// 7:02am

    ha! hilarious! so glad you’re liking them… and working while you listen. that thrills me!

  31. Paola /// 05.12.2016 /// 1:50pm

    Wonderful interview Danielle, such a joyful and insightful exchange! It felt just like having coffee with good friends… Thanks for introducing us to Bobbie’s work, I started to play with watercolors last year (mid-life crisis I guess) and my favorite subjects are precisely abundant and wild flowers, with emphasis in color, in an abstract style… I love her huge scale, so daring!

  32. Grace Luang /// 07.28.2016 /// 4:39am


    We are interested in the oil painting of bobbie burgers, could we buy the phone of his oil painting or buy the painting work from him? Could you tell us how to buy? Or Could we buy by email? What about the price?

  33. the jealous curator /// 07.28.2016 /// 7:37am

    hi grace 🙂
    you’ll have to contact one of her galleries – here’s a link to one in san francisco: http://www.caldwellsnyder.com/#!contact/c116y

  34. marilynn bury /// 10.10.2016 /// 10:19am

    Love her loose brush strokes.

  35. Sally Wagner /// 03.16.2017 /// 7:50pm

    Her work is amazingly beautiful. Wow! Such talent. Would love to see her website and if she has UTube, that too. Thank you for introducing this talented lady.

  36. Priti Desai /// 06.06.2017 /// 6:15pm

    I love your style of painting. Please send me videos of you painting

  37. Glenda bettis /// 06.27.2017 /// 5:26am

    Would love too see a you tube of Bobbie painting. Love here work and looseness. Want to learn that so bad!

  38. Glenda bettis /// 06.27.2017 /// 5:27am

    Love her work need a you tube of her painting

  39. Robin /// 10.18.2018 /// 9:00am

    I would love to watch you paint.

  40. Janet moran /// 07.03.2023 /// 11:02am

    Do you have a news letter?

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