dorris vooijs


Mysterious, elegant, and just the right amount of odd. This is the mixed media work of Netherlands based artist¬†Dorris Vooijs.¬†She is one of the artists I chose when I curated the December issue of Fresh Paint Magazine… I’m sure you can see why!

comments (6)

  1. Rania /// 12.16.2015 /// 11:10am

    Omg! The last one gave me chills…

  2. Coco /// 12.16.2015 /// 12:30pm

    Wow I love this work! Particularly the first and third images are beautifully haunting

  3. Carla /// 12.16.2015 /// 1:11pm

    intriguing textures…

  4. Julie /// 12.17.2015 /// 3:17am

    Such beautiful work.

  5. Ruth /// 12.18.2015 /// 10:33am

    Oh my goodness, I’m head-over-heels for these. The remind me a little of Hollie Chastain’s work, but the painterly elements add such a wonderful depth.

  6. Sabrina Brett /// 01.07.2016 /// 4:40pm

    The composition of these pieces are so intriguing.