stephanie london


Be still my still-life loving heart! This is the beyond lovely work of California based painter Stephanie London. Ceramic birds, coral, funny little animals holding roses in their mouth… sigh… and her color palette. Oh, so gorgeous. I can almost smell my grandmother’s powdery perfume.

{Her oil paintings are available through Kathryn Markel Fine Arts: NYC & Bridgehampton, NY}

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  1. Elissa S Nesheim /// 12.17.2015 /// 8:47am

    oh wow… so much awesome. I love that unexpected texture with that piece of coral? Totally Brilliant!

  2. Marie Cameron /// 12.17.2015 /// 8:55am

    Yum – I love the color palette too! Is that a Stephen Mackey card in one of the paintings?

  3. Stephanie London /// 12.17.2015 /// 1:48pm

    Just want to thank The Jealous Curator for posting my work….I appreciate the shout-out and the nice comments received. And yes, that is a Stephen Mackey card Marie. Good eye. Speaking of jealousy, I love his work.

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2015 /// 4:24pm

    of course, stephanie! it’s all so so lovely

  5. Samantha Dennison /// 12.17.2015 /// 5:01pm

    Yummy paint!