lindsay feuer


If Dr.Suess was still alive, I think he’d have a huge collection of these porcelain “plants”! This the whimsical, wonderful work of New Jersey based artist Lindsay Feuer. Ah, nature through the beautiful imagination of an artist … such a perfect combination.

{via art is a way}

comments (7)

  1. Cecile /// 01.08.2016 /// 5:42am

    Ooooohhh, there’s something very sensual about these, I want to touch the surfaces. And I love their simple white color.

  2. Julie /// 01.08.2016 /// 6:05am

    love love love!

  3. Julia /// 01.08.2016 /// 6:41am

    Those are fantastic!

  4. Helen at summerhouse /// 01.08.2016 /// 10:20am

    Beautiful, fragile, sensuous and whimsical! Love them.

  5. Anna /// 01.08.2016 /// 10:22am

    Simple, exotic, just wonderful.

  6. Bryna Shields /// 01.09.2016 /// 4:31pm

    Yowza! I want to walk through a forest of these sculptures. I love the tension of the delicate material/color choice and the whimsical shapes!

  7. Kimberleigh /// 01.14.2016 /// 2:22pm

    Stunning ! Exquisitely beautiful and classic – ty Lindsey

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