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Oh my goodness. Portraits, patterns, pinks… I may be in love. These large-scale acrylic on linen paintings are the work of Amsterdam based artist Martine Johanna. Those pink flip flops surrounded in palm leaf wall paper? Killing me.

{I found her through New York gallery, Massey Lyuben}

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  1. Brandi Baldwin /// 01.12.2016 /// 4:18pm

    I’m pretty sure I just let out an audible *gasp*.
    So, so beautiful. I want these biggie, all over my home.

  2. Kate G /// 01.14.2016 /// 8:47am

    I’m struck by the liquid nature of this work. Transparency can be such a gimmick, but here (at least the online here), Martine Johanna’s choice of technique adds a layer of intrigue and emotional depth to her subjects. Great find, Ms. Jealous Curator.

  3. Claire /// 02.04.2016 /// 5:51pm

    Nice mix of vibrancy and transparency! Quite attractive really!

  4. Ryan Massey /// 02.25.2016 /// 9:58am

    Hi all and Jealous Curator team! I’m so glad you like her work!
    The gallery will be exhibiting new paintings by Martine in our upcoming show, Format Neon.
    Here’s some information on our website:

    Hope to see you there : )

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2016 /// 10:16am

    ah, perfect! thank you ryan : )

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