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I have been trying to convince this lady to be on the podcast since the very beginning. She said no… a lot. But I finally broke her. I love, love, love the work of Boston based Leah Giberson and so I’m thrilled that she finally said yes. Her subjects are mundane, but exquisitely so. Campers, trailers, old boats, lawn chairs from your grandparents’ yard, painted with insane detail, that truly celebrate the beauty in the everyday. You can listen right under that gorgeous, shiny airstream, or subscribe on iTunes. First up, a few of my favorite pieces just to set the mood:


Ahhh, those silver airstreams always blow my mind. All of her work is just so beautifully boring… speaking of which, here are a few photos from our trip to Chattanooga for the “Beautifully Boring” show, with Leah and New York based painter Samantha French. I love this photo of Leah in action {plus her butt looks great in this shot}.  There was a lot of “Leah Giberson” subject matter on the streets of Chattanooga:


That was such a fun trip! Next, these are a few of Leah’s older pieces… the houses, and open trailers that she talked about:


Oooh, those two trailers might be my favorites! Here are the two pieces that West Elm carried… that went absolutely crazy:


Gah! I love those too! Leah has painted a lot of lawn chairs, and some of them have even ended up on beer labels:


This is just one of the many pieces she created for New Belgium. I love them, so I purposely asked her about this project just so I’d have a reason to show them! We were also talking about how her work is evolving, and that she’s slowly becoming more interested in the mundane life reflected in the trailers instead of the actual trailers themselves:


Amazing. And finally, a glimpse into her studio. It might be small, but it is jam-packed with creative goodness:


Love! And that’s that… see, she had nothing to be nervous about. So easy. Thanks so much to Leah for answering her phone when I called, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and as always, thanks so much to YOU for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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  1. Candace Grace Art & Illustration /// 01.23.2016 /// 6:05am

    This was such a great episode. I love the meaning behind capturing the beauty in the ordinary, and how that sensibility can make you more aware of your surroundings. And those airstream reflections are insane! Beautiful work, great conversation.

  2. Amy Tingle /// 01.23.2016 /// 10:15am

    GAHHHHHHHHH!!! Vintage caravans. VINTAGE CARAVANS!!! As soon as this snowstorm ends I’m gonna go find some New Belgium beer . . .

  3. Marianne Clancy /// 01.23.2016 /// 10:38am

    grateful! to you all for this post and interview! love Leah’s work!!

  4. Crystal Foth /// 01.23.2016 /// 12:35pm

    These are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to listen!

  5. Rachel Linnemeier /// 01.23.2016 /// 3:26pm

    I am loving your podcasts! The work you choose is always gorgeous and inspiring! Definitely motivates me to be a more productive painter:)

  6. Linda Dacey /// 01.24.2016 /// 1:39am

    Yet another great episode! Love the way that you keep it real and accessible for all Danielle. As for Leah’s work – whoah! such skill – as an artist I cannot begin to fathom how she captures the alu reflections so perfectly!! Chapeau!

  7. Marc Cardwell /// 01.24.2016 /// 7:00am

    echoing others: this was a great interview and i loved the art. very inspiring, and your accent is wonderful.

  8. donna mccullough /// 01.24.2016 /// 9:04am

    Love your work. Congratulations on your success!

  9. Italy Airstream Park /// 01.25.2016 /// 2:46am


  10. Cecile /// 01.25.2016 /// 6:53am

    I’m SOOOOOO in love with those airstreams… what a phenomenal artist!

  11. angela schwer /// 01.26.2016 /// 1:11pm

    Ohhh! I have been a fan on Etsy for SOOO long! I’m so happy to see great work get the spotlight it deserves! Perfection!

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    […] paper dragons inside Paris’s Le Bon Marché via Colossal 11. Talking with Leah Giberson via The Jealous Curator 12. Javier de Riba paints elaborate flooring in deserted areas via […]

  13. Melissa Arendt /// 01.29.2016 /// 3:45pm

    Great episode! The detail in her work makes my fingers hurt 😉

    So I just cut down from 40 to 32 hours at my day job to focus on my art, woop woop! Today is my first “Art Friday”…so I’m celebrating by painting in my studio and binge-listening to your podcast!

    Melissa Arendt

  14. Jenny Phillips /// 01.29.2016 /// 6:33pm

    Stunning work! And loved the interview.

  15. Zach /// 02.02.2016 /// 1:08pm

    Ralph Goings did a series of paintings of Airstreams in the late 60s and early 70s and the houses, chairs and whatnot definitely remind me of Robert Bechtle’s photorealism work also, if you find these interesting. Especially yall’s ideas behind the subject matter being mundane. Many of the original group of Photorealists sought out the most mundane subjects possible and in turn made beautiful, stunning works of art from everyday sights.

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