alex beck


Ah, nostalgia… with a dash of “this is the weirdest dream I’ve ever had”. I am in love with the beautifully bizarre work of American artist Alex Beck. I want to jump in that pool and head over to Jack & Ethel’s for dinner with the gang… before the elephants and ghosts show up, that is.

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  1. simone /// 01.22.2016 /// 6:26am

    it’s funny, i didn’t notice the elephants and ghost until you mentioned them.

  2. Marianne Clancy /// 01.22.2016 /// 9:05am

    out of this world and into another, a world I too could live in happily. Color and composition beyond imagination and gorgeous life and yet surreal subjects. thanks for this collection Danielle! And hats off to Alex!

  3. Alex Beck | /// 02.02.2016 /// 6:02am

    […] Via Jealous Curator […]