“late one night…”


Botanical watercolors, cosmic moments, and rum-soaked nipple cakes. Yep, all of that and more is covered in my conversation with Oregon based artist Kiana Mosley. Her story about getting into the zone “late one night” might’ve been my favorite part. You can listen right up there under that lovely bunch of blooms, or you can subscribe on iTunes. Now, the first time I wrote about Kiana’s work, in the fall of 2013, I described her paintings as “juicy gardens”, and I’m sticking with that description. Look…


Gor. Ge. Ous. Ooh, and I love this too. She talked about using pieces that didn’t go exactly as planned, for future projects… like this stunning, bloom-filled, color explosion of an alphabet that she collaged out of painted scraps. How do I feel about it…


LOVE! Now that’s how you recycle “failed” works! And of course, I had to show this… her two prints that have just very recently become available at Target!? Oh, and look who picked one up for the White House:


What?! Yes. Ridiculously cool. Alright, and that’s that! Thanks to Kiana for those delicious nipple cakes AND for doing this interview with me, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and as always, thanks to you for listening… I’m on my way to Hawaii, but never fear, there will be more art for your ear launched from Maui next weekend! Until then…


Other links:

The Fig House, LA / Emily Henderson / Sweet C’s designs / ps. some of Kiana’s work is available in my online gallery

comments (11)

  1. Rania Watts /// 01.30.2016 /// 4:34am

    so cool… i remember when everyone went gaga over the print of the bowl above — sometime last year… lovely work…

  2. Kelly S. Murray /// 01.30.2016 /// 8:46am

    Love this – working in the studio listening. Kiana – Thanks for sharing your story. This was another lovely interview.

  3. Mary Gaspar /// 01.30.2016 /// 1:36pm

    Awesome interview! I love Kiana’s work. I was listening and wrote in my journal, “Amazing to listen to how Kiana started in her own words…when I’ve watched her career enfold.” Love all these pod casts Danielle! Have a blast in Hawaii!

  4. Sister Hilda /// 01.30.2016 /// 4:38pm

    This was a wonderful interview, and I would definitely welcome a part two!

  5. Angela schwer /// 01.31.2016 /// 10:19am

    Fabulous interview! What a beautiful talent. Enjoying watching (and listening) to her process unfold!

  6. Sonja /// 02.03.2016 /// 1:24pm

    Serendipity! I saw her prints at Target yesterday – I was conflicted about picking them up, but now I absolutely have to go back and get them.

  7. Caitlin Alderfer /// 02.04.2016 /// 12:34pm

    I absolutely loved and was so inspired by this interview. It is so encouraging to hear how someone else who always loved to create but didn’t totally know how to make it happen finally did it. With a lot of hard work and some luck of course. “Playing pinball that is constantly in multiball mode”…boy do I relate. But it makes me feel inspired to keep pushing. Thanks Danielle for these podcasts. Love them!

  8. Audrey /// 02.12.2016 /// 8:02am

    I love this podcast and this is one of my favorites you’ve ever done! Big fan of Kiana now!

  9. Explore, explore, explore | Stream of Consciousness /// 04.05.2016 /// 4:33pm

    […] a recent interview with The Jealous Curator, Mosley pinpoints the moment as to how and when she found her artistic voice. I found this episode […]

  10. Christina /// 08.22.2016 /// 8:00pm

    Seriously what a raw & real person. You can see how her art is so moving because of how connected she is to her emotions.

  11. the jealous curator /// 08.23.2016 /// 11:56am

    she truly is… i love that they came through.

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