jennifer nehrbass


Cool collages… except that they’re oil paintings. What?! Yes. This is the fantastic work of American artist Jennifer Nehrbass. It’s safe to say that I am, in fact, smitten.

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  1. Jessica G. /// 02.09.2016 /// 12:17pm

    These are sooooo good. Wow!

  2. Marianne Clancy /// 02.09.2016 /// 6:05pm

    I think I love these! so many things to see and yet so much unseen. Perfectly marvelous!!

  3. Nancy Zastudil /// 02.10.2016 /// 9:42am

    Hooray! Thank you for including Jennifer Nehrbass. I show several of her works at Central Features Contemporary Art, my gallery in Albuquerque. She is an incredible artist!

  4. Five Favorites | ShoutYourSite /// 02.16.2016 /// 8:43am

    […] What appears to be collage art are in fact beautiful oil paintings by Jennifer Nehrbass with enough dimension to keep you staring for days. via Jealous Curator […]

  5. all 5 favorites - Caraka Kasyapi /// 02.16.2016 /// 9:50am

    […] What appears collage art to be, in fact, beautiful oil painting by Jennifer Nehrbass with enough dimension staring for days to keep , about Jealous Curator […]

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