jealous curator collection: land of nod spring 2016


Ahhh, spring. Well, kinda. Yes it’s only February but that means the Spring 2016 Collection at The Land of Nod is out… which means that the “Jealous Curator Spring Collection” that I curated for Nod is out! I’m not very good at keeping secrets so I’m always happy when I can finally share this stuff! From collages to sculptures to paintings… I love this group of work, oh, so much. I think my favorite part of working on these collections is collaborating with contemporary artists that I love, and seeing what they decide to make for kids! That being said, my goal with this project is always to put together a group of work that you could totally hang in a nursery, but that you’d also love to have in the living room … because eventually your sweet babies will get older and want to hang posters of Rob Lowe on their wall {or was that just me?}

Artists: Laura Berger / Xochi Solis / Lola Donoghue / Lucy Engleman / Casey Roberts / Laura Johnston / Jenny Lumelsky / Katy Smail / Clare Celeste Borsch

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  1. Kimberly Santini /// 02.10.2016 /// 8:16am


  2. brandi marie /// 02.10.2016 /// 10:19am

    Love it all!

  3. Mandy Behrens /// 02.10.2016 /// 10:23am

    These are FABULOUS! We all benefit from your masterful curating Danielle! xo

  4. colin mcguire /// 02.10.2016 /// 12:24pm

    I’m a big fan of Land of Nod’s styling and am hoping to shoot for them sometime. Great work on this Spring Collection Jennifer. -I’m jealous!

  5. Elissa Nesheim /// 02.10.2016 /// 3:31pm

    Gorgeous everyone and bravo Danielle!