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Ah, a series of lovely traditional doilies. Well, that’s what I thought… until I looked a little closer. These are drawings. DRAWINGS! They are from a series, titled “Tedium”, by Canadian artist Lindsay Arnold. Here is her beautiful description of these drawings (DRAWINGS!):

“Tedium is a series of drawings using the doily as a metaphor for feminine experience and the process of aging. The crocheted pieces I use as models are sourced from yard sales, auctions and second-hand stores. Each portrait includes stains, holes, loose threads and errors. The imperfections which have rendered the doily unusable for its original purpose now provide narrative and meaning to the drawing. This series honours experience, acknowledges tedious labour, and attempts to reveal a part of the anonymous maker’s story.”

Love. So much.

{ps. Lindsay has a show opening, titled “Hearth”, on March 17th at Estevan Art Gallery}


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  1. Denise /// 03.14.2016 /// 5:06am


  2. Jane /// 03.14.2016 /// 6:50am

    Would love to hear you “chat ” on “Art for your Ear”

  3. bruna /// 03.14.2016 /// 9:19am

    check out my friend Teresa Ascencao’s outdoor exhibit —
    incredibly beautiful and related.

  4. Laura Johnston /// 03.14.2016 /// 12:52pm

    Tedium, indeed! These are gorgeous, I would never have the patience.

  5. Rachaeldaisy /// 03.14.2016 /// 1:30pm


  6. Annika /// 03.14.2016 /// 11:22pm

    I had to do a double take after reading that they were drawings, they’re simply amazing. So much skill has gone into that- it must be very tedious!

  7. Megan Carty /// 03.15.2016 /// 11:40am

    Holy Mackinoley! So lovely and a great use of skill! My great-grandmother used to make these and I have one that is made to look like a girl in a dress. Memories!

  8. Carla /// 03.15.2016 /// 2:27pm


  9. Maryann Didriksen /// 03.15.2016 /// 2:28pm

    just stunningly amazing

  10. Alison Keenan /// 03.19.2016 /// 9:39am

    Your work has the unexpected wow factor and underlying subversive message. Congratulations!

  11. Mirna R /// 03.23.2016 /// 10:15am

    I know you repeatedly said that they were drawings but my brain is still having a hard time wrapping itself around that fact! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Sharon McKenzie /// 03.23.2016 /// 1:37pm

    Lovely work. I do work that reclaims the doilie to tell stories from a feminist perspective as well.

  13. Irene /// 04.17.2016 /// 11:04am

    No comtlainps on this end, simply a good piece.

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