“painting with thread”


Sigh. Yet another artist whose work I’ve loved for years and years. I’m talking to American artist Stephanie K. Clark. Right off the bat she answered one of my questions almost poetically… how does she describe her work? She “paints with thread”. Love. We talk about art vs. craft, our love of houses, and our shared fascination with peeking into people’s windows at night … don’t judge us. You can listen to our conversation right up there under that lovely blue house, or you can subscribe on iTunes

Let’s start with a few of her fantastic houses. The plan had been to pick two or three… but clearly that was impossible:


Gah! I love them all so much {and ps. she does commissions… in fact, she quit her day job because so many people want their homes “painted in thread”}. It’s really hard to tell from the photos, but a lot of these are shadow boxes, so you really can look into the windows as the pattern you see is actually a couple of inches back. Did that make sense at all?

Now, onto her dreamy clouds… thread with just a bit of pastel in the background:


Sunsets, not sunrises apparently … the speed round revealed that she is not a morning person! Up next, her tiny but gorgeous little rugs:


Oh. I love them… all 3 inches of them! These are a few of the pieces she’ll be showing this coming May at Good Eye Gallery in LA (Eagle Rock). And of course, after all of the talking about her red hair, I had to show you what a hot mama Stephanie is:


Look at her, doing it all! Baby in arms, fabulous hair, holding up a magazine featuring her beautiful work. Not too shabby!

And with that I will say thanks to Steph for taking a break from her incredibly busy life to chat with me, thank you to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode and as always, thank YOU for listening {and if you feel like leaving a rating on iTunes that would make me so happy}. Ok, happy Saturday… see you next week when there will be more art for your ear.

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  1. rossana taormina /// 03.12.2016 /// 1:27am

    I love her work, her hair, her baby …

  2. Makamo /// 03.12.2016 /// 10:02am

    Just fell in love with this… awesome work, amazing talent!!!

  3. The Lone Beader /// 03.12.2016 /// 2:12pm

    I love her work so much!! 😀

  4. Annika /// 03.12.2016 /// 6:56pm

    This is beautiful, I have seen her work before but didn’t realise that some the houses were shadow-boxes- what a great idea! And her hair is really pretty too! I love your podcast, it is really inspiring to listen to while I am painting or drawing- keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Lucky Bean Leigh /// 03.14.2016 /// 11:53pm

    Wow, absolutely beautiful!

  6. alexandra /// 03.15.2016 /// 7:54am

    Well I just found a new fav artist! Absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jenny Phillips /// 03.17.2016 /// 3:48pm

    Amazing artist and loved listing to this interview! Thank you.

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.17.2016 /// 10:17pm

    thank YOU jenny : )

  9. Crystal Foth /// 03.21.2016 /// 7:41am

    These are gorgeous. I was lucky enough to see some of them and your work as well at the Good Eye! I just love these so delicate and thoughtful.

  10. Jerry Chrisphonte /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:33pm

    Hands down one of my favorite artists… Cant wait to revel in the the exhibit!

  11. http://www./ /// 01.19.2017 /// 9:31am

    You probably need … You probably need to be careful on the type of paint used since there are toxins or toxic elements that may give off into the air. It could absorb into the food and make it unhealthy to eat food with these toxins.

  12. Kim /// 11.13.2017 /// 8:19am

    Stephanie’s work is insane good – I love it so much!!! So glad to have discovered her 🙂

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